Livernois Media Project Construction

On Monday, April 7, the City of Detroit began construction on Phase II of the Livernois Median Project.  Phase II, which encompasses Livernois Avenue from McNichols to Davidson, includes two work stages:
  • first stage - Grove to Fenkell, including in front of UDM's Livernois entryway

  • second stage - Fenkell to Davidson

Construction should be completed on the Grove to Fenkell section by mid-May with medians and turnarounds in place for use. Top soil and seed on the medians will be in place toward the completion of Phase II in early fall.

During construction
During the first stage of the Phase II construction:

  • all drivers exiting campus onto Livernois must turn right. Drivers who wish to head south on Livernois will need to use the turnaround north of McNichols.

  • the City will re-establish the south-bound left turn into campus off Livernois to make the Livernois entry more accessible. However, there may be some intermittent changes affecting the left-hand turn into campus during construction. While these construction detours may create some inconvenience, City officials feel the detours will help ensure the safety of drivers, pedestrians and construction workers.

Upon construction completion
Once the first stage of Phase II is finished, drivers exiting UDM onto Livernois will only be able to turn right. A median turnaround at Grove, about 600 feet north of the campus entryway, will allow drivers to go south on Livernois. Drivers coming from north of the entrance will be able to make a left hand turn into campus from Livernois.

City officials have also agreed to make some accommodations to facilitate traffic flow for UDM Commencements on Saturdays in May. Facility Operations staff will maintain contact with City officials during the construction period for any updates or schedule changes.