Hitchcocked! An Audio Serial by Joe Landry

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Listen to the story of two young Detroiters (and a slew of other characters) in a Hitchcock-inspired race against the clock

University of Detroit Mercy is proud to present the world premiere of the audio drama series Hitchcocked! An Audio Serial.

March 19 through July 19

Commissioned from award-winning playwright Joe Landry.
Directed by Assistant Professor of Theatre Andrew Papa.
Sponsored by Thomas Page '71 '76.

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Episode 1 - The Trouble with Alma

Episode 1 - The Trouble with Alma

Detroit. December 1999, a few days before the millennium. We meet Alma, a mild-mannered assistant manager at a video store, and her friend, Grant, a fellow film fanatic, who gives her the gift of an immersive game experience based on the films of Alfred Hitchcock. It's just a little harmless fun. Or is it?

Episode no.1 premiered on March 19

Episode 2 - To Catch A Murderer

Episode 2 - To Catch A Murderer

The game leads Alma and Grant to the roof of a high-rise building where the two of them realize they may be in way over their heads.

Episode no.2 premiered on March 26

Episode 3 - The 39 Props

Episode 3 - The 39 Props Alma and Grant enlist the help of her Uncle Charlie to solve the game's latest clue and they discover a mysterious message causing them to question whether it's really a game at all.

Episode no.3 premiered on April 2

Episode 4 - East by Northeast

Episode 4 - East by Northeast

In a race against time, Alma and Grant head off on the road trip to end all road trips -- thwarted at every turn by unexpected characters and obstacles. Will they reach their destination in time?

Episode no.4 premiered on April 9

Episode 5 - Dial “H” for Hitchcock

Episode 5 - Dial “H” for Hitchcock

Alma and Grant discover an evil plan and thousands of lives hang in the balance. Don’t miss a second of this heart pounding conclusion. Miss out, and you just might be…Hitchcocked!

Episode no.5 premiered on April 16

Production Team

Joe Landry - Playwright
Andrew Papa - Director
Mary Liz Valesano - Costume Designer
Seth Amadei - Lighting Designer
Alan Devlin - Technical Director & Sound Designer
Sarah Drum - Stage Manager
Greg Grobis - Managing Director
Kirk Diedrich - Graphic Designer


Adam El-Zein - Grant

Ali Laho - Elevator [Episode 2]; Answering Machine, Automated Operator [Episode 3]; Pilot [Episode 4]

Amelia Rose Glenn - Newlywed Wife, Dancing Woman, Woman Giving Massage, Officer Antony, Thelma [Episode 2]

Chris Berryman - Our Host

Elise Pannemann - Alma

Elizabeth Breger - Ticket Taker, Hitchcock Fan, Concessions Stand Clerk [Episode 1]

Jade Sibert - Stewardess/Flight Attendant, Ticket Agent; (ERI), Kelly [Episode 4]

Jeremy St. Martin - Ticket Seller, DePalma Fan, Person Screaming "Fire!" [Episode 1]; Man Watching Clock, Man 1 Watching Woman Dance, Officer Haines, Brandon [Episode 2]; Charlie Stewart; Bundy, Another Hitchcock Fan [Episode 5]

Kaelyn Johnson - Officer Hubbard, Ziegfeld Ticket Taker, Another DePalma Fan [Episode 5]

Luke Adamkiewicz - Mac Guffin; David [Episode 2]

Mason Modzelewski - Jimmy, Colin [Episode 3]

Matthew Klug - The Voice; Senate New Year's Eve Promotion Announcer [Episode 1]

Nina Carlson - Midge; Jessie [Episode 3]

Olivia Swad - Ticket Agent (DTW), Norma, Margot [Episode 4]

Preston Cornelius - Man Playing Piano, Newlywed Husband, Man 2 Watching Woman Dance, Man Getting Massage, Phillip [Episode 2]; Airport Security Agent, Conductor, Fred [Episode 4]; Arbogast, Taxi Driver, Verloc, Ziegfeld Ticket Seller [Episode 5]

Taylor LaPorte - Danvers