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In an effort to remain consistent with our Jesuit and Mercy mission and values, and to ensure that we work together for the safety of the Detroit Mercy community, these guidelines are maintained based on the requirements of the state of Michigan’s public health directives and the considerations of our university population.  This working document provides the framework of guidance for our employees, students, contractors and guests. The protocols apply to all employees, students, contractors and guests, and are subject to change.

* Face mask policy updated March 11, 2022
* Travel, Screening, and Visitor policies updated May 6, 2022

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    COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

    All members of the University community were required to provide proof of full vaccination by Aug. 12, 2022 for the Fall 2022 term, or have received an approved exemption by the University.

    For more information on this requirement and the exemption procedure, please visit the Vaccine Requirement FAQs.


    COVID-19 Symptoms/Testing/Exposure

    It is imperative that all individuals should report confirmed cases of infectious disease, which does include COVID-19 using the MEDICAL/COVID-19 Referral Reporting Form. Following submission of the report, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions and resources for your return. You will no longer need to report exposure to a COVID-19 positive individual.

    Students, be sure to work with your instructors on any missed coursework due to an illness-based absence.


    Showing Symptoms?

    If you have newly developed symptoms, it is imperative to reduce the potential of spread by wearing a high-quality mask while around others, test for COVID-19 and/or contact a medical provider for further evaluation.

    COVID-19 Testing for Students

    Detroit Mercy students who request or are in need of a COVID-19 test will be referred to the Wellness Center. The nurse practitioner (NP) will assess patients through the telehealth platform and refer them to the Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) or primary care physician (PCP) for testing if necessary. If a student is sent to the HFHS, the NP will be in contact with the collaborating physician regarding results and processes. Students may also be referred to urgent care or see their PCP, depending on their insurance. The ordering provider is required to report any positive cases to the state of Michigan.

    In the event of exposure, take precautions right away by wearing a facemask and following the CDC guidance on exposure.

    • You no longer need to report your exposure to a COVID-positive individual but you do need to follow all protocols in the CDC guidance, which currently recommends a precautionary COVID-19 test on day five from your exposure, even if you are not experiencing symptoms.
    • Students receive a clearance email if they have a positive case of infectious illness and have reported this to the Wellness/COVID team by report using the MEDICAL/COVID-19 Referral Reporting Form or by phone at 313-418-8525 or by email to covid-care@udmercy.edu. The clearance email will provide an anticipated date of return to in-person activity.
    • Any student needing further assistance can contact the Wellness Coordinator at 313-418-8525.
    • If you believe you are sick or have a fever, stay home and contact your healthcare provider


    Testing for High-Risk Individuals

    Testing is encouraged for all high-risk employees, especially individuals who are in continuous contact with students and colleagues. High-risk employees include, but are not limited to, people who are above the age of 65, live in or frequent a nursing home or long-term care facility and people with underlying medical conditions.

    Testing for Individuals Showing Symptoms

    If you are showing any of the following symptoms, it is imperative to contact:

    • Human Resources (for employees) at 313-993-1036

    Symptoms include:

    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • Fever
    • Chills
    • Repeated shaking with chills
    • Runny nose or new sinus congestion
    • Muscle Pain
    • Headache
    • Sore throat
    • Fatigue
    • New GI symptoms
    • New loss of taste or smell

    If testing is recommended or required, please contact the Human Resources Department at 313-993-1036 for the access code information. For students who require tests, please contact the Wellness Center at 313-993-1185.

    Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry employees and students will be instructed separately on COVID-19 testing protocol.


    Quarantine and Isolation Protocol

    Updated August 15, 2022

    ANYONE EXHIBITING COVID-19 SYMPTOMS, regardless of vaccination status:

    Get tested for COVID-19. Antigen/rapid tests are suitable, and best performed when experiencing symptoms. If using a home test, it is best to use two tests taken 24 hours between the first and second test.

    Infectious illness and symptoms that worsen should be evaluated by a medical professional as they may be the result of illness other than COVID-19.


    EVERYONE, regardless of vaccination status:

    • Must report the COVID-positive diagnosis through the MEDICAL/COVID-19 Referral Reporting Form , isolate for 5 days following the onset of symptoms or from the date of positive test if you are asymptomatic, and follow CDC guidance.
      • You may end isolation:
        • When you have remained out of in-person activity for five full days;
        • You have had a significant improvement in symptoms;
        • No fever in the 24 hours before your return, without fever-reducing medication, and
        • You plan to continue masking during in-person activities for a full 10 days from the onset of symptoms or positive test if asymptomatic.
      • Circumstances may vary which could require you to continue masking around others or obtain additional testing.


    Regardless of vaccination status, if:

    EXPOSED to COVID-19 positive – If you were within six feet, for 15 minutes or more, cumulative over 24 hrs:

    • You DO NOT need to report exposure to the University;
    • Wear a well-fitting, several-ply mask around others for 10 days following the exposure;
    • The CDC recommends testing at least 5 days after exposure, even if asymptomatic. If you develop symptoms, you should immediately isolate yourself and get tested; and you may continue with in-person activities, masked and distanced when possible.

    Student return to in-person activity clearance process

    Updated Sept. 2, 2022

    Students with a confirmed infectious illness will receive a clearance email indicating the anticipated date of return to in-person activity. Students that miss class due to symptoms that are not a confirmed infectious illness will not receive a clearance and should make arrangements directly with their instructors for any makeup coursework.

    Students should advise their Instructors and campus job Supervisors that they will be out for a medically-related or illness-related absence. You are not required to provide proof of a COVID-positive result to your Instructor or campus job Supervisor.


    Students Requiring an Extended Out-Of-Class due to Medical issue

    A member of the Wellness/COVID team will be available to handle illness-related questions, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Reports received over the weekend will be handled on the following business day.

    The  Medical/COVID Reporting form allows you to indicate if you need additional help with the following areas:

    • You need assistance in contacting your University-related close contacts because you do not know the names or contact information of the individuals.
    • You need assistance with a withdrawal or additional academic assistance following your absence due to a COVID or medical issue.
    • You are unclear on the details or direction of the CDC guidance.
    • Other

    Medical Issues:

    • A medical concern may be a hospital visit, concussion, general illness that causes you to remain out of class for an extended period, or other unique situation. It is also important to report any illness that may be infectious in nature, such as flu, monkeypox, COVID-19, or strep throat.
      • Please seek the assistance of a medical provider to determine when it is safe to return to in-person activity.
    • Instructors should advise Students to review the Titans Together webpage for next steps.

    Clearance to Return

    Students with a positive case of infectious illness will receive a clearance email with anticipated date for returning to in-person activity. The email should be forwarded to all instructors or campus job Supervisors.

    For reference: Link to the Medical/COVID Reporting Form


    Daily Screening Assessment

    All students and employees should continue to self-monitor for any possible infectious illness-related symptoms and stay home if they are ill. Additionally, if a Student is experiencing symptoms that progress but they continue to test negative on a COVID-19 home test, please seek out medical assistance or re-test with a lab-based test, such as CVS Pharmacy or Urgent Care.


    Contact Tracing

    The University has transitioned from the current model of universal contact tracing to a CDC-based protocol of prioritizing high-risk groups or situations, such as Athletics and residential students, as well as temporarily high-risk activities such as field trips or gatherings.


    Mask Policy

    Wayne County Community COVID-19 Level is Low. Masks are recommended in classroom and work settings and libraries.

    Updates to mask policy - August 15, 2022

    Beginning in the Fall 2022 academic year, the University's McNichols, Riverfront and Novi Campuses will require masks based on Wayne County’s Community Risk Level as determined by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. When the CDC indicates Wayne County’s level is high, masks will be required in all teaching, studying and work spaces, including libraries.

    When the risk level is medium or low, masks are recommended, but not required. Faculty members may require masks for their classes, either for the entire term, or at their discretion.

    Separate guidance will follow for any health or dental clinic protocols that continue to require masks in patient treatment areas, patient support offices and waiting rooms, regardless of the community risk level.

    While we enter into this new phase, please be respectful of others and prepared for in-person activities by having a high-quality face mask available for use.


    Anyone located at a non-Detroit Mercy site or partner, including those working at hospital or clinic locations, should follow all entrance and masking procedures for that site. Clinical settings may exercise their own protocols, including regular COVID-19 testing.


    Travel Policy

    Travel Policy

    Regardless of vaccination status, it is important to monitor for any newly developed symptoms while traveling outside of your normal routine and upon your return.

    Travel Assessment

    University students and employees are no longer required to complete the Travel Risk Assessment Screening Tool upon return from travel; however, it is recommended that you review and follow all CDC guidance relating to travel. Find the CDC Frequently asked questions on travel.

    Symptoms that arise during your travel or upon your return should be reported through the University COVID/Medical Reporting Form.


    Facility Modifications

    Cleaning and Sanitation

    Cleaning and regular sanitizing efforts will remain in place.

    Directional Signage

    Six feet of social distancing is no longer required and signs encouraging people to practice it are being removed. Some areas on our campuses may need to continue the practice, so please look for signs where you are and follow their advice.


    Visitor Policy

    Visitors to campus, including parents and alumni, are a vital part of the University’s life. Visitors should be advised to self-monitor and not come to campus if they do not feel well. All visitors should be advised by their host ahead of time if they will be required to mask while on campus, based upon the community risk level.

    Events (Internal and External)

    Please refer to the Events guideline. Event guidelines are dictated by state of Michigan directives, capacity orders and personnel coverage. The University will make every attempt to allow for on-site events if it can be done safely.


    Related Departmental Contact Info

    Deans of Students

    • Juliette Daniels, School of Dentistry Associate Dean of Students: 313-494-6850
    • Ieisha Humphrey, School of Law Assistant Dean for Student Affairs: 313-596-0206
    • Monica Williams, Dean of Students: 313-993-1028


    • Housekeeping: 313-993-1010
    • Human Resources: 313-993-1036
    • Public Safety: 313-993-1234
    • Wellness Center: 313-993-1185
    • Student COVID Coordinator: 313-418-8525
    • University Ministry: 313-993-1560
    • Find all departments
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