Campaign Priority: the Detroit Mercy Endowment

Goal: $14,000,000

Detroit Mercy Endowment

Increasing the endowment is an imperative to ensuring the permanence of the University and its ability to plan for the future.

A vibrant endowment sends a message of strength to potential students, donors and grant-making institutions. Strong endowments prove to the best professors from across the country that the institution has financial stability, which assures that the University can attract and recruit leading faculty in their fields. In addition, donors and organizations that award grants for university programming seek certainty that their funding is going to a robust organization that stewards its funding thoughtfully and carefully.

The University has increased tuition at below-average rates for the past four years and a larger endowment will help control future increases and allow the University to preserve its signature programming long into the future. Even more important is that a strong endowment ensures University of Detroit Mercy’s permanent place in the educational landscape of the city of Detroit and its continuation as the largest private university in Michigan.

The goal for strengthening the endowment is as follows:




$14,000,000 goal