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    Graphic Design Services Reminder

    When consulting with MarCom for graphic design services, please note the following:

    Logos, Sub-identities, Graphic Identities

    1. When requesting assistance with logo design, please consider that a logo is not just a visual element. It is your brand and thus must be treated as a brand. Consider the impact on audiences when they see your brand identity and the impact it has on staff. What does the brand mean to them? In this way, a brand identity is connected to the culture you wish to establish.
    2. MarCom is able to provide three (3) versions of a new logo/brand identity. If you wish to consult with MarCom ahead of time regarding strategy and development, please let us know, we are happy to help! But think ahead of time of how you want this brand to make your audience feel about your product, service, event or opportunity.
    3. All brand identity elements will adhere to the University Identity Brand Standards.

    Designed elements (marketing collateral, brochures, banners)

    1. Designed elements (marketing collateral, brochures, banners, etc.) receive up to three (3) versions only. Those requesting design revision services must provide complete copy and revisions on Word documents with a copy of the previous collateral piece and identification of where changes must be inserted on the collateral piece.
    2. If the individual requesting design services is unable to make final decision on the design, the project will be automatically deferred until later in the term.
    3. Always test the design/seek input from your audience prior to submitting copy and changes. When a design is available, test it with your audience before final approval.
    4. All individuals submitting requests must complete a final approval form and sign prior to MarCom releasing the final product for use.