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Strategic Visioning

Help set the vision for Detroit Mercy!

You are invited to actively participate in strategic planning for the University! We are seeking bold and optimistic ideas to help shape Detroit Mercy's future.  Use the form here to share your thoughts!  If you want some themes to consider, see the guiding ideas below. You can also sign up for an upcoming group session.

Guiding ideas

Any ideas that would improve the University are welcome. You may wish to review Detroit Mercy's Mission and Vision Statements, which should guide all our efforts.  Also, see if you're stimulated by any of the following themes.

Common Values

We know we share the same mission, but what are the core values that guide all of our work?  Our core values permeate everything we do and frame our identity for the larger world.  This discussion may be slightly different than the others, but is needed to help re-articulate our identity, which will inform all of our work.

Standard of Excellence

We hope to be recognized for excellence in educating the whole person.  Are we who we say we are? Are we leaders of innovation?  How do we measure excellence?  What will "state of the art" look like in your field and how do we get there?

Service and Civility Toward Students and Each Other

Do we provide what we say we provide in terms of individual attention across the board? Are we providing excellent service to our students as teachers and advisors, and in every service and function outside the classroom as well?  How can Detroit Mercy become the next "Disney" of customer service in higher education?

College Town

How can our campus and the surrounding neighborhood become Detroit's "college town" with great spaces, amenities, and unique and diverse activities and engagement for students, faculty and staff?

Hands-On Learning

Students can look forward to class-leading hands-on experiences including internships, study abroad, service learning, and engagement with real world projects, all of which are central to the Detroit Mercy educational experience.

Urban Innovation and Community Engagement

Detroit Mercy will amplify its strong reputation as a destination of choice for students interested in digging in and taking on the challenges facing 21st-century American cities and contributing to the rebirth of Detroit.

Health and Wellness

Detroit Mercy will amplify its strong reputation as class-leading destination of choice for students interested in all science, health care, and allied fields, including new opportunities for synergy and collaboration.

Financial Stability

Detroit Mercy will create clear and realistic plans for ensuring ongoing financial stability in the future.

Other Ideas

Any idea you have for improving University of Detroit Mercy, please share!

Use the form above to submit ideas.

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