Financing Your Education

A college education at University of Detroit Mercy is an investment that pays rich rewards — for a lifetime.


Financial aid info by student type:

University of Detroit Mercy offers financial aid to undergraduate, graduate and professional students which assist many students in covering the cost of a higher education. Financial aid consist of scholarships, grants, college work-study and loans. Also, a variety of graduate assistantships and other discounts are available.

Our financial aid counselors specialize in creating affordable financial aid packages. We guide you through the application process until it is complete, then offer you the best package available. A private UDM education is affordable – let us show you how!


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Please call, email or visit Financial Aid to discuss and review your financial aid status. UDM has financial aid representatives on all campuses.

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Accept your award online

Students can review and accept their financial aid award online using TitanConnect. Applicants will be notified about their financial aid awards, missing requirements and loan disbursements via their TitanConnect email account.

The information provided on this website explains the financial aid process, as well as available scholarships, grants, college work-study, loans and more. It is designed to answer frequently asked questions and provide helpful information.

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