A group of students wearing Leadership Minor t-shirts

Do you want the skills necessary to be a leader in your field and community? Do you believe everyone has the capacity to lead? The Leadership minor from University of Detroit Mercy will teach you the process of leadership, which can be used in any career or field of study.



Great Things At Detroit Mercy

  • Detroit Mercy’s Institute for Leadership and Service provides opportunities for all members of the University community to engage in social change for the common good.
  • The Emerging Leaders Program (E.L.P.) is designed to educate, engage and empower all Detroit Mercy students. Using the Social Change Model, the E.L.P. offers students the opportunity to explore their leadership potential and abilities. Recognition will be given in the form of the Leadership Pin or the Leadership Medallion.
  • All courses are taught by faculty members — not teaching assistants or graduate students.
  • Small class sizes mean plenty of individualized attention aimed at making sure our students succeed.
  • In the tradition of our Jesuit and Mercy sponsors, Detroit Mercy offers a great, well-rounded education. Students in this program take their leadership to new levels on campus and in the community.

Your Boundless Future

Students who complete the Leadership minor program learn that leadership is a mindset that can be learned. The leadership skills developed in this program will prepare you to be a leader and an advocate for social justice.


Contact Info

Donald DiPaolo, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator, Leadership Minor

Featured Alumna

Mary LeAnnais '17

“Being involved with the leadership minor and program has had an enormous impact on my experience at Detroit Mercy. Due to the program’s interdisciplinary nature, I have been able to gain insight on a variety of perspectives and develop a number of relationships that I fear I may have otherwise missed out on.

This program was flexible and incredibly inclusive, and while learning about the theoretical underpinnings of leadership was important to me, I also gained a greater appreciation for all the elements that make up the complete person in the process—and that was what was most empowering for me.

This program afforded an excellent and sometimes rare opportunity for myself and others to build confidence, increase self-awareness, collaborate effectively with familiar and soon-to-be-familiar peers, reflect on our life experiences up to this point, and truly live the mission and vision of this fine institution. With that being said, I firmly believe this program transcends the curriculum, and I am certain that the knowledge and skills I’ve gained from it will permeate my daily life well after graduation.”

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