Computer Science Minor


Computer Science deals with the application of various algorithms and techniques to solve computing problems in virtually every discipline. There is a constantly increasing demand for computing skills in all businesses and industry. A minor in Computer Science will complement any field of study with computing knowledge, and promote computational thinking among students enabling them to apply computing skills to their prospective fields. Many non-computer professionals are using and applying computers to solve critical problems in their fields. With a minor in computer science, students will be transformed from mere users to professionals who can integrate software design and programming with other disciplines.

The minor in Computer Science aims to provide a background in computing for students who are majoring in other fields. The Computer Science minor is not available for students majoring in Computer Science.

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    Program Learning Outcomes

    Please review the separate catalog page for BS Computer Science for Program Learning Outcomes.


    Computer Science Minor Requirements - 18 credits

    To complete the minor, 18 credits in computer science are needed. The courses span programming, data structures, databases, and other courses based on interest. All these courses are taken from the current offerings of the BS in Computer Science. The requirements (18 credit hours) are given below:

    • CSSE 1712 Introduction to Programming I (3 credits)
    • CSSE 1722 Introduction to Programming II (3 credits)
    • CSSE 3430 Data Structures (3 credits)
    • CSSE 3540 Database Systems & Programming (3 credits)
    • Select two of the following CSSE Electives (6 credits):

Program Contact Information

Program Director: Shadi Bani Taan, Ph.D.
Engineering 332
Telephone: 313-993-1163