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    Baiardi, Janet M.

    Janet M. Baiardi

    Professor, McAuley School of Nursing, teaches across graduate and undergraduate courses. Her areas of research include aging, vulnerable populations, bereavement, and qualitative methods. She earned her B.S.N. from Mercy College of Detroit and her M.S.N. and Ph.D. in Nursing from Wayne State University. In addition, she holds a postmaster’s certificate in gerontology from WSU and completed the family nurse practitioner certificate at Boston College. She joined the University in 1994.



    Baker, Stokes S.

    Stokes S. Baker

    Associate Professor of Biology, teaches botany, ecology, biostatistics, environmental science, and general biology. His interdisciplinary research focuses on integrating biotechnologies, like DNA barcoding, next generation sequencing, and genetic engineering into inquiry-based laboratory instruction. Baker’s degrees include a B.S. from Davis and Elkins College, an M.S. from SUNY’s College of Environmental Science and Forestry, and a Ph.D. from Ohio State University. After postdoctoral research at Michigan State University, he joined the faculty in 1993.



    Banitaan, Shadi

    Shadi Banitaan

    Associate Professor of Software Engineering and Computer Science, teaches classes in software engineering and computer science. His research interests include software engineering, machine learning and data mining. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and a member of the IEEE Computer Society. He received a B.S. degree in Computer Science from Yarmouk University, an M.S. degree in Computer and Information Sciences from Yarmouk University, and a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from North Dakota State University. He taught for five years at the University of Nizwa, Oman. He joined the University in 2013.



    Barnes, Erick E.

    Erick E. Barnes

    Director of the Master of Science in Intelligence Analysis Program and Interim Department Chair. He is a former second deputy chief of the Detroit Police Department and is a geographical profiler of crime. He is also a recognized expert in security, threat assessment, terrorism and organized crime. Barnes joined the University in 1998.



    Barry, Michael G.

    Michael G. Barry

    Professor of English, teaches American literature, modernism and naturalism, the history of English, and writing. He has additional research interests in the relationship of translation and memory to autobiographical narrative. He has published articles on Robert Penn Warren, Ann Petry, Abraham Cahan, Bobbie Ann Mason and Ernest J. Gaines. He has taught at universities in Turkey and the People’s Republic of China. He holds a bachelor of arts from Loyola University, Chicago, and a doctorate from SUNY Buffalo. He joined the University in 1994.



    Bauer, Cindy

    Cindy Bauer

    Clinical Associate Professor and Director, Axium Integration, provides leadership for the continuous implementation, modification, improvement, and maintenance of the axiUm clinical management software. She also manages a program of axiUm training for both new and established faculty, staff and students. Additional responsibilities include serving on several SOD committees. Prof. Bauer earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of Michigan and completed a one year Advanced Education in General Dentistry program at the University of Michigan. She earned both her M. A. degree in Curriculum and Instruction and her Graduate Certificate in Ethical Leadership and Change Management from the University of Detroit Mercy. She joined the university in 1993.



    Bee, Mary

    Mary Bee

    Professor of Biology, teaches gross anatomy to students in the Physician Assistant and Nurse Anesthesia programs and environmental science to non-majors. Her research focuses on human anatomical variations and anatomical education. Bee received her B.S. from Mercy College of Detroit and her M.S. and Ph.D. from Wayne State University. She joined the University in 1999.



    Belanger, Rachelle

    Rachelle Belanger

    Associate Professor of Biology, teaches general biology lab, animal behavior, neurophysiology and physiology lab to Science majors as well as anatomy and physiology to Nursing majors. Her research focuses on the development of the olfactory system and toxicological effects of herbicides on chemoreception. Belanger received an Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology from St. Lawrence College (Kingston, Ontario, Canada), an honors undergraduate B.Sc. and M.Sc. from the University of Windsor (Windsor, Ontario, Canada) and Ph.D. from Bowling Green State University. Her postdoctoral work was at the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada). She joined the University in 2010.



    Belian, Julia

    Julia Belian

    Associate Professor of Law, finds deep satisfaction in learning and teaching the ancient roots and contemporary twists of property law and estates & trusts, which are also her primary areas of scholarship. Belian earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy cum laude from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, a Master of Divinity degree at Yale University, and her J.D., with distinction, at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. At Emory, Belian served as editor-in-chief of the Emory International Law Review, received the Clark Boardman Callaghan Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Law School, and was elected to the Order of the Coif. She joined the University in 2008.



    Bell, Roxana

    Roxana Bell

    Assistant Professor of Law, received her J.D. from Indiana University McKinney School of Law and her B.A. from the University of Florida.  She joined the University in 2018.



    Bennet-Garraway, Jocelyn M.

    Jocelyn M. Bennett-Garraway

    Associate Professor and Director of the School Counseling Program, teaches school counseling principles and practice, school counseling strategies and interventions and group counseling courses. She also directs the School Counseling Program. Bennett-Garraway received her doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision and her Master’s of Education in Counselor Education, with a focus in secondary school counseling from Pennsylvania State University. She has 20 years of experience counseling adolescents and young adults in school, college and clinical counseling settings with an emphasis on supporting under-served populations. Her counseling career began working with the Upward Bound program in Pennsylvania, which led to involvement in other high school career and college development programs. Bennett-Garraway’s research is focused on understanding the relationship between African American parenting-style dimensions and career development and academic achievement. Her other research interests include adolescent career development, African American male development and multicultural group dynamics. She joined the University in 2008.



    Benvenuto, Mark A.

    Mark A. Benvenuto

    Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, teaches general and inorganic chemistry, as well as industrial chemistry and alternative energy sources. He is actively writing pedagogical materials for industrial chemistry. He is currently performing research in the area of coordination chemistry of highly multi-dentate ligands for water remediation, and analysis of ancient and medieval artifacts, as well as analysis of personal care products and food supplements. He is a seven-time recipient of the Detroit Mercy Science Teacher of the Year Award and has been named an American Chemical Society Fellow in the 2015 Class of Fellows. Benvenuto holds a B.S. from the Virginia Military Institute and a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia, where he was awarded a graduate student duPont Fellowship. He performed post-doctoral research at the Pennsylvania State University and joined the University in 1993.



    Bernacchi, Michael

    Michael Bernacchi

    Professor of Marketing, teaches marketing management, consumer behavior, marketing communications, research, and corporate social responsibility. He has his B.A. and M.A. from Drake University (Des Moines, IA), his Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University, and his J.D. from the University of Detroit. Bernacchi is a frequent contributor and consultant to businesses, not-for-profits, and the media. He publishes a weekly marketing newsletter, Under the Mike-Roscope. He joined the University in 1973.



    Bernasconi, Claudia

    Claudia Bernasconi

    Associate Professor and Director of the Master of Architecture Program, received her B.Arch and M.Arch at the University of Roma Tre in Rome, Italy and her Post-professional Master in Design from the La Sapienza University in Rome, Italy. She has worked as exhibit designer, graphic designer, and scenic designer and is a registered architect in the European Union. Her research interests encompass urban landscape perception, environmental aesthetics, and transportation aesthetics. She also conducts research in connection with her teaching in the areas of cross-cultural and interdisciplinary education, and service learning in the design field.  She is currently teaching the Master of Architecture Thesis studio and graduate level seminar classes on service learning, video-installation design, and graphic design. Bernasconi joined the University in 2009.



    Bhattacharya, Mithu

    Mithu Bhattacharya

    Associate Professor of Decision Sciences, holds a B.S. in Computer Science and an M.S. in Information Technology from the Birla Institute of Technology in India, and a Ph.D. in Information Sciences and Technology from Pennsylvania State University. She teaches statistical analysis and quantitative methods, and has conducted extensive research on radio frequency identification (RFID) applications in business. She joined the University in 2011.



    Bishai, Robert

    Robert Bishai

    Clinical Assistant, Division of Integrated Clinical and Simulation.



    Blume, Libby B.

    Libby B. Blume

    Professor of Psychology Emerita, taught courses in child development, family relations, environmental psychology, creativity and giftedness, architecture and community development, and women's and gender studies. She directed the undergraduate programs in Developmental Psychology and Certified Family Life Education. She co-directed the Community Development graduate program. Blume is a Fellow of the the National Council on Family Relations and past recipient of the Award of Excellence from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Her research interests included adolescents' social constructions of gender, the psychosocial identity of dancers, and feminist theory in family studies. Her current research focuses on peer and family co-constructions of identity, ethnicity, and gender in Middle Eastern transnational families. Blume co-authored two textbooks on middle childhood and adolescence, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Family Theory & Review and founding editor of the Michigan Family Review and the Groves Monographs on Marriage & Family. Founder of the Women's and Gender Studies Biennial Art Exhibitions, Blume also has a strong background in fine arts and creative arts education. She has extensive experience as an art educator, preschool teacher, child development center director, and consultant to Head Start programs and to schools for gifted children from elementary to high school. Blume holds a bachelor of arts from the University of California at Davis, a master of arts from San Francisco State University and a doctorate from Texas Tech University. She joined the University in 1987.



    Boats, Jeffery J.

    Jeffery J. Boats

    Associate Professor of Mathematics, is also the faculty advisor for the William Lowell Putnam Exam team and organizes the department Research Colloquium. Boats teaches courses in mathematics and math education, and conducts research in numerous areas of science, most notably in graph theory. His work has applications to communications networks, circuit design, cryptography, and intelligence. He was conferred with the title Doctor of Arts in Mathematics by Carnegie Mellon for his dissertation, “Linear Algebra Textbook Implementing Instructional Technology” (1999). He also has a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon (1993), and two bachelor’s degrees from St. Bonaventure University, in Mathematics and Physics.



    Bowen, Jennifer

    Jennifer Bowen

    Assistant Librarian, School of Dentistry Library provides reference and research skills instruction in finance, computer and electrical engineering, computer information systems, health information management, and theatre. She holds a B.A. in Speech Communication from Wayne State University and a Master's in Library and Information Science from Wayne State University. Bowen joined the University in 2015.



    Bozimowski, Greg

    Greg Bozimowski

    Clinical Professor of Nurse Anesthesia, teaches pharmacology, pathophysiology and professional aspects, and shares responsibility for clinical evaluation. He holds a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from University of Detroit Mercy and a M.S. in Anesthesia from Mercy College of Detroit. His areas of research, presentations and publications have focused on pain management and student wellness. He has served his professional association in many roles, and is currently the elected president of the Michigan Association of Nurse Anesthetists.



    Broughton, J. Richard

    J. Richard Broughton

    Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Associate Professor of Law, teaches criminal law, criminal procedure, constitutional law, and federal criminal law. Broughton’s scholarship focuses on American politics and institutions, and the intersection of politics, constitutionalism, and criminal justice. His writing has appeared in law reviews and journals throughout the country, and has been cited in opinions from the United States Supreme Court and state appellate courts. He also has provided legal commentary for numerous television and radio programs and newspapers. Broughton holds a B.A. from Hampden-Sydney College, a J.D. from Delaware Law School, Widener University, and a LL.M. from Georgetown University. He joined the University in 2009.



    Buehner, Marguerite J.

    Marguerite J. Buehner

    Clinical Associate Professor, Division of Dental Hygiene, Special Needs Patient Coordinator, teaches special patient care curriculum to both Dental and Dental Hygiene students and teaches concepts in professionalism and dental materials to Dental Hygiene students. She supervises Dental Hygiene students both at UHC and Corktown clinics as well as off-site rotations in the nursing home field. She has received a number of outstanding faculty awards presented by the hygiene students. Buehner holds a B.S. degree and a Master's in Health Services Administration degree from University of Detroit Mercy. She joined the University in 2001.



    Burke, Constance A.

    Constance A. Burke

    Assistant Professor, Physician Assistant Program, teaches Clinical Medicine I, II, and III.  Burke also clinically practices as a physician assistant in the areas of prevention and wellness and obesity management.  She currently holds a B.S. and M.S. in Biology, and an M.S. in Physician Assistant studies from the University of Detroit Mercy and recently completed a J.D. from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law.  Her interests include health and wellness, disease prevention, medicolegal issues and ethics.  She is active in her state and national professional academies, has been a presenter at both the state and national level and has published in clinical and educational journals.



    Burson, Rosanne F.

    Rosanne F. Burson

    Associate Professor, McAuley School of Nursing, is a certified adult health clinical nurse specialist and her specialty is diabetes education and management. She earned her B.S.N. from Nazareth College, a M.S.A. from Central Michigan University, M.S.N from Oakland University, and Doctor of Nursing Practice from Madonna University.  Dr. Burson joined the College of Health Professions/McAuley School of Nursing in 2011.



    Byrappagari, Divesh

    Divesh Byrappagari

    Assistant Professor, Division of Practice Essentials and Interprofessional Education, Director of Community Outreach, teaches dental public health courses to dental students. Additional responsibilities include managing the dental school’s community outreach programs and Community Based Dental Education programs. His interests focus on reducing oral health disparities, health services and health policy research. Byrappagari holds a B.D.S. from Bangalore University, India, M.S.D. from Boston University School of Dental Medicine and Post-Doctoral Residency in Dental Public Health from New York State Department of Health and SUNY Albany. He joined the University in 2010.