Minor in Health Information Management


The minor in Health Information Management is an 18-credit-hour program which will prepare students currently pursuing a degree within the disciplines of business, computer science, information systems, developmental psychology, dental hygiene, health services administration or healthcare, to develop vital, non-clinical, healthcare information management skills. These skills, which are utilized internationally throughout our global healthcare system, will allow students to broaden their major field of employment into healthcare by adding proficiency in standardized nomenclature, quality and information governance used within health information management and the administration of healthcare services. The Health Information Management minor is t available to students currently pursuing a major in areas other than Health Information Management.

Applicable skills covered in this minor include the governance of healthcare information systems, medical coding (diagnosis and procedure coding systems which are translated into 43 languages and utilized by 117 countries), management of the healthcare revenue cycle, assessment and evaluation of clinical documentation, healthcare statistics and the application of quality measures within healthcare. All classes in the Health Information Management minor adhere to the curriculum recommendations of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), Commission on Accreditation of Health Informatics and Information Management (CAHIIM), American Billing Association (ABA), Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), and the American Academy of Professional Coders (AACP) and provide instruction in health information management skills which will allow the student to sit for multiple internationally recognized credentialing examinations to provide verification to employers the student has met a national standard of proficiency.

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    Students are required to complete the following 18 credit hours. It is recommended that HIM 1090 be taken first but courses may be completed in any sequence. No courses may be completed for pass/fail.

    • HIM 1090 Information Systems for Health Professionals (3 credits)
    • HIM 2600 Management of Vital Health Data and Statistics (3 credits)
    • HIM 3650 Healthcare Reimbursement and CPT Classifications (3 credits)
    • HIM 3700 ICD Classification Systems (3 credits)
    • HIM 3900 Clinical Documentation (3 credits)
    • HIM 4200 Healthcare Quality Improvement and Outcomes (3 credits)

    Medical terminology will be briefly covered throughout the HIM minor courses. It is recommended students complete HIM 2050 Medical Terminology for a broader introduction and application of medical terminology.


    Career Options

    The minor in Health Information Management is applicable to many current majors within University of Detroit Mercy and will increase employment opportunities to encompass the field of healthcare administration.

    College of Business Administration Areas of Employment

    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

    Employment within any administrative area of a healthcare corporation or facility; department manager; organizational administrator; supervisor; utilization specialist, Provider Practice Manager

    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Accounting

    Employment within any area of accounting/finance in a healthcare corporation; revenue cycle management; accounts receivable/payable; payroll; utilization specialist

    College of Engineering and Science

    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

    Employment within any area of technology within a healthcare facility- electronic health records, electronic software systems, interoperability of technology; employment within a software development company

    College of Liberal Arts and Education

    Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Systems- Cybersecurity

    Employment within any healthcare facility within privacy and security of patient information; Release of information, integrity of healthcare computer systems, medical identity theft, third party payer corporations

    Bachelor of Arts-Psychology; Bachelor of Arts-Developmental Psychology

    Employment within the realm of psychology within healthcare, government agencies and the military where patient information is utilized and interpreted

    Bachelor of Social Work

    Employment within the realm of social work- healthcare facilities, home health, hospice, case management, patient advocate and provider quality assurance

    School of Dentistry

    Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene; Dental Hygiene Degree Completion Program

    Employment within the area of dental science (dental office, clinic) with additional applicable knowledge in clinical documentation, medical coding and payer services

    College of Health Professions and McAuley School of Nursing

    Bachelor of Science - Health Services Administration

    Employed throughout the administrative segment of healthcare with the needed additional applicable knowledge in clinical documentation, healthcare quality, medical coding and revenue cycle management

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing; Accelerated Second Degree Option Bachelor of Science in Nursing; RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Completion

    All areas of nursing; Clinical Documentation Specialist; Medical Chart Auditor; Utilization Review; Case Management; Quality Assurance Coordinator

    Five Year Bachelor of Science/Master of Science in Physician Assistant

    All areas of healthcare with additional knowledge of payer protocol, determining medical procedural codes; Revenue cycle interpretation; Utilization Review; Quality Assurance, CDI Champion


    Program Contact Information

    Pat DeVoy, EdS, LPN, RHIA, CPPM, CPC
    Chairperson, Health Information Management, Assistant Professor
    McNichols Campus
    Health Information Management Website