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The Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental programs are not degree programs, but a combination of support structures and learning environments which aid the pre-professional student in his/her efforts to gain entry into medical or dental school and, ultimately, achieve a satisfying and rewarding medical career.

UDM provides pre-medical and pre-dental students with the breadth and depth of academic, cultural, and moral background that will enable them to compete successfully with their peers from other colleges, both in gaining admission to professional school and retaining high class status after acceptance. A realistic, as opposed to a merely idealistic, approach is used in pre-medical and pre-dental counseling, with full concern for the individual student and his or her needs, as well as with careful attention to fulfilling the pre-professional requirements.

The record of success in placing UDM students in the medical and dental schools and the large number of its graduates now in active professional practice, attest to the value of this approach.

Gaining admission to medical or dental schools continues to be extremely competitive, and high scholastic achievement is necessary. Consequently, only those students who have proven their ability to excel in the sciences and all other areas of study will be accepted into the program and allowed to remain.

Advising and Mentoring Program
Students entering the College of Engineering and Science are immediately assigned academic advisors and regularly communicate with the Committee on Student Evaluations for the Medical and Dental Professions. Academic advisors counsel students on courses and course load prior to registration and, along with members of the committee, formally interview each student at the time of application to professional school. They also provide a written evaluation of each student for the various professional school admissions committees. These letters are used as important criteria of selection.

Selection of Degree/Major
Students preparing for careers in medicine or dentistry follow programs which enable them to complete the basic requirements for admission into professional school at the same time they are fulfilling the departmental requirements in their field of major concentration. Most pre-medical and pre-dental students major in biology, biochemistry, or chemistry, but this is not necessary. Medical and dental schools accept students who have majored in areas other than science as long as they acquire a solid basic knowledge of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics.

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