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The goals of the History Department are: (1) to provide students in all colleges and programs opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of the contemporary world through a critical knowledge of the past; (2) to provide all students with opportunities to cultivate skills of analyzing, synthesizing, evaluating, and interpreting historical evidence. Thus, the program is designed to play an integral role in the general liberal arts education of UDM students and to serve the needs of history majors on a variety of career paths.

Degree Requirements

History Major 36 cr.
The major consists of a minimum of 36 hours of approved course work, with an overall C average in the course work.

Required (12 Credits):
HIS 1500 Introduction to History (OR)
HIS 2640 Comparative Civilizations 3
HIS 2500 U.S. to 1877 3
HIS 2510 U.S. since 1877 3
HIS 2910 Historical Methods 3

Two of the following: 6 Credits.
HIS 2000 Ancient Mediterranean World 3
HIS 2100 Medieval Europe 3
HIS 2200 Early Modern Europe 3
HIS 2300 Europe in the 19th and 20th Centuries 3

One of the following: 6 credits
HIS 2400 Modern Middle East 3
HIS 2700 Modern China and Japan 3
HIS 2800 Modern Latin America 3
HIS 2900 Modern Africa 3
HIS 3340 British Empire 3

Electives at the 3000/4000 Level (12 credits)
Three of the twelve credit hours must be for HIS 4990 Senior Seminar, or another designated research seminar at the 4000 level.

History majors may plan their degree programs to concentrate in any one of four tracks:

Public History
Public history may be broadly defined as using the past to serve the present. It is appropriate for history majors who are considering career options other than teaching or law. Such options include: archivist, museum curator or administrator, manager of historic properties, editing and publishing, policy analysis, government service, urban and regional planning, etc.

Teaching (Elementary/Secondary)
See requirements in the Education program.

History is an outstanding major for those considering careers in law. The reading, writing, and critical thinking skills history students develop are excellent preparation for the challenges of law school. Major can be supplemented with Legal Studies certificate.

Graduate Study
For students interested in pursuing graduate studies in History, the emphasis in their undergraduate studies will depend on their specific interests—e.g. modern Europe, recent America. Students should use electives to build a strong cognate in a complementary area: e.g. languages, English, philosophy, economics, religious studies, political science. Those considering an advanced degree in History should consult their advisor for help selecting coursework and applying to graduate schools.

Other Requirements:

  • Exit Interview
  • Mini-Portfolio

Minor in History

History Minor: 18 credits
The Minor consists of completion of 18 hours of approved course work with at least an overall C average.

Take one of the following (3 credits):

HIS 1500 Introduction to History 3
HIS 2640 Comparative Civilizations 3

Two courses from the following 2000-level sequences: 6 cr.

U.S. Sequence:
HIS 2500 United States to 1877 3
HIS 2510 United States Since 1877 3

European Sequence:
HIS 2000 The Ancient Mediterranean World 3
HIS 2100 Medieval Europe 3
HIS 2200 Early Modern Europe 3
HIS 2300 Europe in the 19th & 20th Century 3

World Sequence:
HIS 2400 Modern Middle East 3
HIS 2640* Comparative Civilizations 3
HIS 2700 Modern China and Japan 3
HIS 2800 Latin American History 3
HIS 2900 African History 3
*If HIS 1500 is completed above.

Three Courses at the 3000-4000 level (9 credits).

Other requirements:

  • Exit Interview
  • Mini-Portfolio Submitted

Museum Studies Minor

The minor in Museum Studies, when completed in conjunction with a relevant academic major, will prepare students for entry-level positions in museums and related cultural institutions and to enter graduate programs in Museum Studies and related fields. This includes a wide range of types of museums: art museums, natural history museums, museums of science and technology, history museums, planetariums, botanical gardens, and zoos.

UDM is ideally positioned to offer a minor in Museum Studies. Metropolitan Detroit has a large number and variety of museums and related cultural institutions, which will enrich student experiences in the minor, act as living laboratories for Museum Studies courses, and provide a substantive choice of internship sites.

Core Courses (6 cr.)

MUSM 4000 Introduction to Museum Studies 3
MUSM 4980 Internship 3

Museum Studies Electives (6 cr.)

Two courses selected from the following:
MUSM 4100 Museum Education and Interpretation 3
MUSM 4200 Museum Collections Management and Care 3
MUSM 4800 Topics in Museum Studies 3

Ancillary Courses (6 credits)

Two courses selected from the following and chosen with the approval of the minor coordinator in Museum Studies:
ARCH 2120 Architectural History & Thought 3
BUS 3110 Organizational Management 3
BUS 3120 Principles of Marketing 3
BUS 3180 Organizational Leadership 3
CST 1120 Visual Communication 3
CST 2400 Principles of Public Relations 3
CST 2500 Film Art 3
CST 3140 Intercultural Communication 3
CST 3400 Public Relations Writing 3
EDU 4000 Introduction to Education 3
FINA 2000 Introduction to the Arts 3
GEO 2120 Geography of Michigan 3
HIS 2910 Historical Methods 3
HIS 3170 Social History of Art in Italy 3
HIS 3190 Introduction to World Art History 3
HIS 3600 History of American Technology 3
HIS 3990 History at the Movies 3
HIS 4560 Detroit in the 20th Century 3
HIS 4570 Michigan History 3
HIS 4910 Black Abolitionist Workshop 3
HIS 4940 Introduction to Public History 3
HIS 4950 Historic Preservation 3
HIS 4960 Topics in Public History 3
MUSM 4950 Directed Studies in Museum Studies 3
PHIL 3050 Aesthetics 3
POL 3200 Public Administration 3
SOC 2100 Cultural Anthropology 3
TRE 3060 Principles of Arts Management 3

Other Requirements

  • Exit Interview
  • Mini-Portfolio

For more information about the History major or minors, please contact:

  • Dr. Gregory Sumner
  • Chair of History
  • University of Detroit Mercy
  • 4001 W. McNichols
  • Detroit, MI 48221
  • 313-993-1121
  • sumnergd@udmercy.edu

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