Special Academic Programs

This section lists a number of programs and services that are available and may be of interest or use to graduate, professional and transfer students in any Detroit Mercy school or college.

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    American Language and Culture Program

    Program Manager: Catherine Franklin
    Office: Reno Hall, Room 016
    McNichols Campus
    Phone: (313) 993-3320
    Fax: (313) 993-1192
    Email: franklca1@udmercy.edu

    Through assessment, placement, and instruction, the American Language and Culture Program equips students with language skills and cultural understanding necessary for them to meet their educational and professional goals in an American university setting. This pathway program collaborates with University partners, providing English language evaluation, consultation and intercultural exchange to foster a diverse international community.


    Assessment of language skills is made during the week prior to the first official class day.


    After assessment testing, students are placed in one of the following courses of study:

    • Intensive English - 21 hours of instruction per week.
    • Intermediate English - 3-9 hours of instruction per week.
    • Academic Writing and Culture Seminar - 3 hours of instruction per week.
    • Full-time degree-directed study - not taking classes with ALCP.


    Regular Detroit Mercy students are provided instruction on the McNichols Campus. The regular University academic calendar has three 15-week terms beginning the first week of September, January, and May.

    Course Offerings

    • ALCP 5101 - Intensive English (0 credits)

    This intensive full-time English course is designed to provide students with a strong foundation across all subject areas and to prepare students for ALCP’s intermediate and advanced English classes. Class hours are divided among 7 subjects: Reading, Writing, Listening/Speaking, Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Computer Assisted Language Learning (lab). Academic and American culture instruction is included in each class. This intensive level course is considered full time. International students enrolled in this course may not concurrently enroll in academic classes.


    • ALCP 5011, 5012, 5013 - Intermediate English (0 credits per module)

    An intermediate-level course with three modules that emphasize reading (5011), listening/speaking (5012), and writing (5013). 3, 6, or 9 hours per week.

    Intermediate Reading (5011): This class is designed to prepare students for reading textbooks and other academic materials at the University and expose students to a variety of authentic academic texts across multiple reading genres.

    Intermediate Listening and Speaking (5012): This class is designed to prepare students to understand and participate in listening and speaking tasks, including lectures, group work and discussions, conversations, presentations, and to prepare students to communicate with English speakers in an academic setting.

    Intermediate Writing (5013): This class is designed to prepare students to complete academic writing tasks, including writing essays, proofreading, editing, and incorporating sources, and will also include practice with strategies to avoid plagiarism.

    • ALCP 5315 Academic Writing and Culture Seminar (0 credits)

    This class is designed to prepare students to complete advanced academic writing tasks, including writing essays and research papers, proofreading, editing, and incorporating sources, and will also include practice with strategies to avoid plagiarism.


    International Services

    International Services Office Contact Information: 

    Phone: (313) 993-1205
    Reno Hall Basement

    The International Services Office is the University’s immigration compliance and risk management center and serves as the liaison between the University and the Student and Exchange Visitor Program and other government agencies. In alignment with the greater Detroit Mercy mission, the ISO also serves the Detroit Mercy community and the Detroit area by enriching the quality of life of all Detroit Mercy students, providing immigration and academic support to non-immigrant students and faculty, fostering cultural understanding and awareness through practical and creative experiences, and advancing a campus culture that admires and celebrates Detroit Mercy’s rich global diversity.

    • We provide admitted and current students as well as scholars and University departments with information, advice and assistance in matters of immigration.
    • We provide current non-immigrant students with ongoing orientation to the University and American society.
    • We administer the University’s health insurance program for international students.
    • We work with other areas of the University to ensure that the academic and social needs of non-immigrant students are met.
    • We sponsor a broad range of on- and off-campus recreational, educational, and cross-cultural programs and events for both international and domestic students.


    Director: Lara Wasner, M.A., MATESOL
    Office: Reno Hall, Room 40
    McNichols Campus
    Phone: (313) 993-1191
    Email: wasnerle@udmercy.edu

    Through its offerings in more than 10 languages and ESL, the Language and Cultural Training Department seeks to imbue students with linguistic and cultural knowledge of modern foreign countries. Because today's students live in a multicultural and multilingual world, the curriculum provides the tools, competence, and cultural orientation to enable them to do so successfully. Certificates in Language Studies are available at two levels: Certificate I (Introductory - Intermediate) includes four semesters of study in the target language: 1100, 1110, 1120 or 1150, 2100. Certificate II (Intermediate - Advanced) consists of four more courses in the target language: 2110, 2120, 3100, and 3110 or higher. Placement test determines entry. However, no placement test is required to take introductory-level coursework at the 1100 level. Coursework is available in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and more.

    University of Detroit Mercy's language courses are also available for dual high school and college credit. Please visit Detroit Mercy's High School Dual Enrollment page for more information.


    Study Abroad Programs

    Director: Lara Wasner, M.A., MATESOL
    Office: Reno Hall, Room 40
    McNichols Campus
    Phone: (313) 993-1191
    Email: wasnerle@udmercy.edu

    University of Detroit Mercy provides students with opportunities to gain global perspective and experience by encouraging them to study abroad. Through its various schools and colleges, the University expands its curricula through study programs in other parts of the world. Interested students should consult with the departments sponsoring the programs for more information. Please refer to the University's Study Abroad Program page for the many opportunities available as semester-study and short-term programs.