Rafael Rocha Pacheco

Rafael Rocha  Pacheco

Associate Professor
Co-Director, Division of Clinical Essentials and Simulations

Contact Info:
Campus: Corktown Campus
Building: -
Room: DC 351
Phone: 313-494-6780


  • D.D.S., State University of Campinas, Brazil
  • Ph.D., Dental Materials, State University of Campinas, Brazil
  • M.Sc., Dental Materials, State University of Campinas, Brazil


Prof. Pacheco teaches dental materials and clinical foundations to dental students, graduate and dental hygiene students, as well as guests lectures for multiple courses. Prof. Pacheco holds a D.D.S., M.Sc. (Dental Materials) and Ph.D. (Dental Materials) from State University of Campinas, Brazil. He is the author/co-author of multiple peer reviewed journal articles, four book chapters and his research in focused on Dental materials used in Restorative Dentistry (Polymerization, Dental ceramics, resin composites and adhesive systems). Pro. Pacheco joined the university in 2015.

Research Activity

List to published works: Prof. Rafael Pacheco

Book Chapters

Amaral A, Catelan A, Pacheco RR, Vitti RP. Part 4: Zirconium in Dentistry:
Advanced Dental Biomaterials. Elsevier, 1st edition. ISBN: 9780081024768, 2019.

Bacchi A, Pacheco RR, Vitti RP. Dental Ceramics, Chapter 8:
Detalhes: Laminados Cerâmicos e Lentes de Contato (Details: Ceramic Laminates and Veneers). Editora Plena, 1.ed., Brazil, ISBN: 9788564327146., 2017.

Rigolin F, Negreiros WM, Pacheco RR, Pontalti-Júnior S. New Generations of Glass Ceramics, Chapter 10:
Reconstrução do sorriso: Ciência, Arte & Tecnologia. APDESP, Napoleão (e.d), Brazil., 2015. ISBN: 9788560842919

Pacheco RR, Caiado ACRL, Souza-Filho FJ. Coronal and radicular restorations in Endodontics. Applied Adhesive Cementation Techniques, Chapter 13, Pages 121-140:
Evidências Clínicas em Endodontia (Clinical Endodontic Evidences). Artes Médicas Editoring, Brazil, 2014. ISBN: 9788536702490


    Research Projects

    1) Properties of restorative materials - mechanical, physical, chemical and biological properties
    2) Adhesive dentistry- polymers, ceramics, adhesion, nanotechnology, polymerization, restorative techniques


    Figure 1: Scanning Electron Micrograph demonstrating an adhesive failure between adhesive system (blue) and dentin (green). Understanding the complex behavior of adhesive restorative procedures allows the clinician to perform minimally invasive dentistry and, consequently, preserve sound substrates.

    3) Esthetic/Cosmetic dentistry- optical properties, translucency, opalescence, digital dentistry
    4) Natural products in dentistry- use of natural products for endodontics, restorative dentistry, prevention, etc.


    Grants & Funding

    NIH, Other Federal, State or regional, Industry (pharmaceutical manufacturer, device manufacturer, biotech company, etc.)