John C Freeman

Professor of English

John C Freeman
Contact Info:
Campus: McNichols Campus
Building: Briggs
Room: 230
Phone: 313-993-2008
John C Freeman


John Freeman is a Renaissance scholar with a wide range of research and teaching interests, from Shakespeare’s Hamlet to Thomas More’s Utopia to issues involved in digital and popular culture (such as the MTV series "Catfish"). He has published articles in such venues as Postmodern Culture, ELH, Studies in the Novel, Moreana, English Literary Renaissance, CTheory and Modern Language Review. As a teacher, he enjoys engaging students in dialogues about literature, science, digital studies and social issues.

His recent publications are entitled “Tupac’s ‘Holographic Resurrection’: Corporate Takeover or Rage against the Machinic?” (CTheory) and “Shakespeare’s Imitation Game, or: How Do You Solve a [Problem Set] Like Katherina?” (Symploke). In the first, he questions the wisdom of having Tupac Shakur copyrighted and brought back from the dead in order to perform “live” once again. In the second, he applies principles of computer programming and logical induction to The Taming of the Shrew, arguing the play operates in the fashion of an artificial intelligence system in assuming a resistant mind of its own. A forthcoming essay, “[Code] Poetry in Motion: Cummings’ Digital Grasshopper” (Postmodern Culture), examines how the poet has transformed his mechanical typewriter into the equivalent of a hardware device supplied with the necessary software for running the poem as a program.

The full range of his scholarly work can be explored at the following website: