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Live6 Alliance to Advance Neighborhood Revitalization in Livernois/McNichols Corridor

September 01, 2015

Leading community partners today announced the formation of a new organization that will coordinate and promote the revitalization efforts in one of Detroit’s strongest residential neighborhoods. The Live6 Alliance will focus on strengthening Livernois Avenue and McNichols Road (6 Mile Road) commercial corridor in Northwest Detroit. Funders have committed a total of $700,000 over two years to facilitate the Live6 Alliance’s work.

The Live6 Alliance will build on neighborhood revitalization strategies already being implemented in the Livernois corridor. The organization is anchored by University of Detroit Mercy, with a 74.75-acre McNichols campus, located at the intersection of Livernois and McNichols. The organization will also receive support from The Kresge Foundation, the Detroit Corridor Initiative, the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, area neighborhood associations, and other anchor institutions.

“Success here will provide inspiration and lessons for promoting district stewards to guide revitalization across the city,” said Rip Rapson, president and CEO of The Kresge Foundation. “Enhancing a sense of place, stabilizing the neighborhood, attracting and retaining business, improving safety and security – all of these things can flow from the leadership that we’re seeing from the University of Detroit Mercy.”

Live6 will facilitate new efforts and complement current initiatives in the corridor related to placemaking, business attraction and retention, residential stabilization, safety and security. The Alliance will focus on creating and enhancing processes to strengthen private/public partnerships, enabling stronger communications within the community, exploring areas for physical improvement and facilitating action. Community input will be vital in determining community projects. Live6 will also introduce new activity, uses and visual appeal to the area, while serving as a conduit between the anchor institutions and surrounding community.

The Live6 Alliance is currently seeking nonprofit status. The Alliance’s initial Board will be comprised of:

  • Dr. Antoine M. Garibaldi, President, University of Detroit Mercy
  • Benjamin S. Kennedy, Deputy Director, The Kresge Foundation
  • Michael Forsyth, Business Development Manager, Detroit Economic Growth Corporation

“The urban commitment of the University is part of our mission statement and has remained constant since 1877,” said Dr. Garibaldi. “It is our priority to continue to improve the area around our McNichols Campus through such efforts as the Livernois Commercial Corridor Working Group and the Livernois Streetscape Enhancement Project. The University can serve as the catalyst for community partners to accomplish shared goals.”

The Alliance is also in the process of identifying an Interim Community Advisory Committee made up of residents who will provide input on strategy from the surrounding neighborhoods.

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