Detroit Mercy is Research

In mid-2019, Assistant to the President for Mission Integration Catherine Punsalan-Manlimos was appointed to succeed John Staudenmaier, S.J., former assistant to the president for Mission and Identity.

Punsalan-Manlimos' new Office of Mission Integration (OMI) will continue to reinforce the importance of Detroit Mercy's Catholic, Mercy and Jesuit identity with students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Research at Detroit Mercy: Universities expect their faculty to contribute to "peer-reviewed research."

That means three things:

  • One — Write:
    Faculty do their own research and submit it for peer review. Peer review publications test research for accuracy and originality.

  • Two — Referee:
    Faculty serve as referees for other scholars' research. Usually the review process is "double blind." The researcher does not know who referees her/his work; the referees do not know whose work they are refereeing. The focus is on the work itself, not the personalities involved. Scholarly journals must choose referees with the expertise to assess the specific piece of research in question. Being trusted as a referee is a mark of distinction for any faculty member.  

  • Three — Read:
    Every faculty member, just like your doctor or dentist or lawyer, is expected to keep up with new research in her/his field. That means lots of reading and thinking. Refereeing other people's research  is one of the hidden labors that faculty members do along with their own research, class preparations, office hours and committee work.

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    Detroit Mercy supports research

    University of Detroit Mercy supports scholarly and creative activity. We value the research that is done on all three campuses by faculty and students. The ability to engage students in these projects supports their intellectual curiosity and encourages discussion, debate and discovery. Research also provides an opportunity for students to learn more about their chosen discipline and contribute to its body of knowledge.

    Detroit Mercy celebrated faculty authors for the first time in March 2006. All books written by current faculty members, at the time, were included in the initial celebration, regardless of publication dates. Two years later, in addition to books, faculty-authored book chapters, journal articles and conference proceedings were added to the celebration. During this time, the events were referred to as "Celebration of Faculty Authors." In 2010, the event, renamed "Celebration of Scholarly Achievement: Publications, Posters, Projects," was expanded to include student work. Brief oral presentations about student research were included in the 2013 celebration.

    The University keeps a complete digital archive of faculty and student publications, beginning in 2010.