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David Koelsch

Why you are going to love my class
Because I will treat you as a colleague — as a lawyer — and provide you an education that will get you where you want to go. Also, I will try to make you laugh.
Great things for you at UDM
Because the Immigration Law Clinic focuses on client services, you are dealing with real clients and real legal problems. You will have a really unique opportunity to use your education to help someone even before you graduate.
Great things in store after UDM
We are one of only a handful of law schools in the country where you have to have a clinic experience to graduate. So you will not only get a great classroom education with practical experience, but you will also be marketable.
My favorite part about teaching you
Seeing how you grasp the topic. Some students pick up things quickly and others don't. So I always try to improve the way I teach to make sure you "get it." It's a personal challenge for me.
You might like to know
I worked in a big firm for years and then for a non-profit organization before becoming a law professor.
You should come to UDM
Because I really care that you get the most out of your education. I will provide you an education that will get you where you want to go. It's a high value product.