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Michael Hoen

Why you are going to love my class
The graduate Endodontics classes allow extensive individual clinical and didactic personal interactions.  The program is very strong in the use of technology and routinely incorporates access to all types and formats of appropriate global information.
Great things for you at UDM

UDM's graduate Endodontics program is probably one of the top ten such programs in the world.  From a technology perspective, you'll have access to all the "bells and whistles" — multiple types of microscopes, digital imaging systems, diagnostic and treatment equipment, etc.

Clinic and classroom information is shared digitally and involves world-wide collaboration.   Our evidence-based endodontic web site allows you to take pride in participating as a world leader in sharing current information.  Your broad range of clinical experiences interacting with a diverse faculty is the program's greatest strength.

Great things in store after UDM
Through the development of your skill levels and application of cutting-edge technology, you will have the clinical skills to make a living offering patients the best in endodontic treatment.
My favorite part about teaching you
Learning with you.  My philosophy is 1) you have to have a reason for what you do, and 2) the truth changes.  Being a lifelong learner forces each of us to evaluate and incorporate change into our practice of endodontics.
You might like to know
After more than 30 years,  I still like what I do — teaching and practicing endodontics.