Stephen J. LaGrassa

Why you are going to love my class
My graduate course, Professional Practice, is focused on the business side and procedural aspects of architectural practice. Although you may not love this dose of reality as a student, later as an alumnus, you will appreciate knowing the practical aspects of architecture.
Great things for you at UDM

UDM's Architecture program provides you a unique educational experience. With its small size, a collegial faculty and an involved alumni network, you experience a supportive learning environment. Your co-op assignments and the School's urban location also enhance your skills and development as an architect.

From my classes, you will have a better understanding of what architecture encompasses — not just the pure creativity, but also the technical demands you will have to deal with if you want to be a successful practitioner. You will also gain a better understanding of "green," sustainable design issues, which I have been preaching since the 1970s.

Great things in store after UDM
You will appreciate the complexity of what architecture entails — the broad range of issues that you as an architect have to deal with. You will become engaged in these issues rather than ignore them.
My favorite part about teaching you
That you are not afraid to jump in and get your feet wet in a project. Because you and your fellow Architecture students come from different backgrounds and with such different skill sets, these differences feed on one another as students share their skills and knowledge.
You might like to know
I love music and have participated in eight Michigan Opera Theatre productions as a non-paid performer.