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Omid Sabbaghi

Why you will like my class

I attempt to create an active learning atmosphere that will allow you to grow and develop beyond the classroom.  I hope to instill in you a desire and excitement for learning, and help you recognize that what is learned in the classroom is directly transferable to the world.

Processes of thinking, methodologies of problem solving, consistency of belief systems and objectivity will help you cope with a vague, uncertain world, not only in finance, but any disciplinary area.

What you will learn in my finance class
You will learn that finance is not just all about stock prices. Rather, we spend much time discussing financial markets, the role of risk in valuation models, and how we might improve our financial markets. In class, I emphasize ethics before profits.
Great things for you as a student at UDM

The faculty here sincerely cares about your future success. UDM is the leader in the Detroit area when it comes to individualized academic learning for students and their families, and we take great pride in mentoring you.

Our faculty-to-student ratio is what leads you to feel welcome here at UDM. We provide personal education: I know every one of my students by their names.

Great things in store after UDM
You will take away a sense of optimism about yourself and have a passion for understanding your role in the global environment.  You will be able to take your classroom experience and apply it to new avenues.
My favorite part about teaching you
I appreciate your eagerness to make a lasting impact on your own life and become an active leader in the community. You are goal-oriented, energetic and curious. You are not just satisfied learning a set of stylized facts; you seek to expand your knowledge.
You might like to know
That I am interested in international cuisines, poetry, art and music, especially jazz and classical music. The violin, which I played for eight years, is one of my favorite musical instruments.