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    Social Media

    The ITS department suggests extreme caution when using community sites (such as Facebook) or blogging sites (such as blogger). Some university's block access to social network sites; the University of Detroit Mercy does not.

    Since these sites are hosted by providers outside of the University of Detroit Mercy and are in no way affiliated with the University of Detroit Mercy, we are limited in our ability to provide assistance as issues arise. Any personal data shared may be easily stored and permanently archived by anyone with access to the information. The best we can offer students and parents is to contact the “postmaster” or “webmaster” of the site for technical issues and local law enforcement for criminal issues.

    For students entering the workforce, today’s media frequently reports about employers who screen popular community and blogging sites for any information or pictures of potential candidates. The nature of data from such sites may not publicly properly represent a student's abilities and may reduce his/her chances of employment.

    The ITS department also suggests when communicating by email with potential employers to utilize an email account with a name that reflects professionalism and not one that would discourage an employer. Clearly, or the university email account is more appealing and professional to employers than

    For more information on this topic, we strongly suggest web searching sites for related stories in making educated decision on surfing the internet and making choices to share information in this world-wide forum.