The Telecommunications Services department provides design and support service to the University community for the telecommunications systems in use across all campuses.

All telecommunication problems are to be reported to the Help Desk. (Please do not submit tickets into the Facilities Help Desk as they will not be received by the Telecomm department.)

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    VoIP Training Video

    Watch the Detroit Mercy VoIP Training Session:
    Please Note: Employees may need to log in using their Office 365 credentials.


    Mitel Model 6863i Phone (2 Lines)

    Mitel Model 6863i Phone

    Mitel Model 6863i Phone

    Model 6863i Quick Reference Guide
    Model 6863i Video Guides
    Model 6863i User Guide

    Instructions for Creating a Conference (Up to 15 participants)

    1. Connect to the first party to include in the conference.
    2. Press the programmed Conference softkey (button with two up arrows).
    3. Dial the number of the third party to add to the conference.
    4. When the third party answers and agrees to join the conference, press the programmed Conference key again.
    5. To add more parties, repeat steps 2 through 4.


    Mitel Model 6867i Phone (24 Lines)


    Mitel Model UC360 Conference Phone

    Mitel Model UC360 Conference Phone

    Mitel Model UC360 Conference Phone

    UC360 Quick Reference Guide
    UC360 User Guide


    Polycom SoundStation IP 7000 Conference Phone

    Soundstation 7000

    Polycom SoundStation IP 7000 Conference Phone

    IP 7000 Quick Reference Guide
    IP 7000 User Guide



    Upon initial access to the voicemail system, each user is prompted to set up a passcode and voice recordings. 

    If unsure of a passcode, a self-service passcode reset feature is available. Note: The username, in most cases, is the full email address associated with the account.  

    For information on accessing voicemail, download the voicemail documentation document.


    Calling Feature Codes

    Frequently used feature codes for on-campus use include:

    • Do not disturb – on, *78
    • Do not disturb – off, *79
    • Automatic call back menu access, #9
    • Directed Voicemail Transfer, *55 – transfer someone directly into a colleague's voicemail box!
    • The last number redial, *66
    • Voice portal access, *62
    • Voicemail retrieval, *86

    For a complete list of calling codes, download the Calling Feature Codes Reference Sheet.



    The University of Detroit Mercy is now using CONFERENCE PLUS for our audio conferencing service.

    Conference Anytime Service is an automated reservation-less audio conferencing service that provides complete flexibility when scheduling a conference call. Once an account is established, the administrator will receive a wallet card that includes a dedicated (permanent) toll and toll-free Conference Anytime phone numbers and participant and moderator codes. To hold a conference, notify the participants of the call time, the dial-in numbers and the passcode. Moderator codes should not be shared. Immediate access enables the administrator to make a conference call anytime from virtually anywhere.

    Conference Anytime Service is billed at $0.06 per participant per minute. For each call, please provide ITS at with the date of the conference call and the billing account number.

    Accounts have been set up for several departments within the University and wallet cards distributed. To see if an account has been set up for an area, please contact ITS at (313) 993-1460.

    There are several Operator Attended Services also available, including ConferenceManager at $0.195 per line per minute, ExpressJoin at $0.11 per line per minute, and Web Conferencing options. To learn more about these services, contact Conference Plus at (847) 619-6683 or (800) 549-8233.

    Conference phones may be scheduled through the Audio-Visual and Classroom Support office at (313) 578-0360. 48-hours advance notice is strongly recommended.

    Setting Up a Conference Call

    To set up a conference call, dial the conference call number (888) 582-3528 and, when prompted, enter the assigned passcode followed by [#].

    As the host, press the *key when prompted and then enter the assigned moderator code followed by [#]. 

    Provide those who will be joining the conference call the call-in number (888) 582-3528 and the assigned passcode. Participants must also enter [#] after the passcode.

    For questions or additional assistance when placing a call, please contact the conferencing specialists at (800) 866-0888.



    Extension Dialing - We Are One Family

    Any extension on our three campuses may be dialed using the last 4 digits of the telephone number.  

    International Calling

    Long distance is included for business use.  If required to make calls beyond the list of countries noted below, please submit a Help Desk ticket.  

    • +1 Canada
    • +1 United States, including United States territories:
      • +1 340 United States Virgin Islands
      • +1 670 Northern Mariana Islands
      • +1 671 Guam
      • +1 684 American Samoa
      • +1 787 / 939 Puerto Rico
    • +1 Many, but not all, Caribbean nations and some Caribbean Dutch and British Overseas Territories:
      • +1 242 Bahamas
      • +1 246 Barbados
      • +1 264 Anguilla
      • +1 268 Antigua and Barbuda
      • +1 284 British Virgin Islands
      • +1 345 Cayman Islands
      • +1 441 Bermuda
      • +1 473 Grenada
      • +1 649 Turks and Caicos Islands
      • +1 664 Montserrat
      • +1 721 Sint Maarten
      • +1 758 Saint Lucia
      • +1 767 Dominica
      • +1 784 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
      • +1 809 / 829 / 849 Dominican Republic
      • +1 868 Trinidad and Tobago
      • +1 869 Saint Kitts and Nevis
      • +1 876 Jamaica

    Changing Users on a Phone

    When staff turnover occurs and an existing phone is to be assigned to a new user, please submit a Help Desk ticket requesting a “transfer” to a new user.  Include the new user's full name, email address, and phone number in the ticket.  The ITS department will remove the old user and add the new user into the system.  Once in the system, the new user will then be reachable in the dial-by-name option and will also receive voicemail messages in their inbox.

    ADA Needs

    If ADA accommodations are needed, please submit a Help Desk ticket and the ITS department will work on a resolution.

    Additional Accessories

    Unlike the prior phone system which may have allowed consumer based phone purchases to be plugged in and used without registration, the VoIP solution requires all phones to be registered within the system prior to use.  Phones are registered in the system at the time of purchase.  All phones and accessories are to be purchased through the University purchasing policy (using account 7151).  To ensure success in the acquisition, please submit requests for quotes into the Help Desk system.  Phones purchased outside of ITS or received through some other means will not work within our environment.


    The ITS department has identified a standard headset that works with our standard phones.  The solution covers both ears and provides a wireless connection up to 200 ft away (varies based on physical construction materials).  The cost per unit is about $200.  To order a unit, please submit a Help Desk ticket with to the "Quote Request" queue with a description of “Quote for VOIP headset.” 

    Phone Conferencing

    All phones have the capability of hosting voice conferencing sessions of up to 15 parties.  The host will need to conference each party into the call.  This may eliminate the need for using 3rd party conference calling solutions.

    The speakerphone capability of both telephone models is quite good and will likely be more than sufficient for use. 

    Conference Phones

    Both the 6863i and 6867i phones have an HD quality audio solution that may suffice for small-to-mid conference phone needs.  For those locations requiring a high-end conference phone solution, the University standard is the Mitel UC-360.  

    The University has several conference phones that may be scheduled for use across all three campuses.

    • For the McNichols campus, please contact the Audio Visual and Classroom Support department (ITS-AV) at 313-578-0360 or
    • For the Riverfront campus, please contact Chris Congdon at 313-596-9835 to schedule use of the conference phone.
    • For the Corktown campus, please contact Dana Hart at 313-494-6621 to schedule use of the conference phone.

    Prior to use of conference phones, ITS will be required to activate the network port.  Please make requests to use these phones well in advance (weeks preferably) so that the network team may ensure the proper networking is in place to allow the phone to operate at the desired location.  It is essential at the time of reservation to identify the room in which the conference phone will be used.

    Dedicated Department Conference Phones

    For those departments that wish to possess a conference phone for their use, the cost per unit is about $850.  To order a unit, please submit a Help Desk ticket with the Category of “Request for Quote” and a description of “Quote for VOIP conference phone.”

    A Gotcha Related to Voicemail – Extended Away

    Placing voicemail on extended away creates a scenario where the greeting message is played but no voicemail message may be recorded by the caller.  The extended away option should be used for people who are going to be out of the office and unable to check voicemail for a long period of time.  In most cases, the standard "No Answer" message that permits a caller to leave a voicemail message should suffice.

    Removing Unused VOIP Phones

    If a phone is no longer required, please let the Help Desk know.  There is a cost saving to the University when unused phones are removed from our environment.