Registration Guidelines

Registration can be completed:

24/7 beginning in Fall 2009-10 on-line with TitanConnect (no longer WebLink)

SEE YOUR ADVISOR FIRST.  Most programs require you to see your academic advisor before registering.  Your advisor will release you to register in TitanConnect.  If you attempt to register and you get a message that says "Alternate Pin Required" this means your advisor has not approved you to register yet, so contact your advisor or dean's office for assistance.  An alternate pin is not required.

With your advisor, you will need to discuss:

  • Completion of core curriculum requirements
  • Completion of major area requirements
  • Total hours needed for graduation and when you plan to graduate
  • Special course grading options such as Pass/Fail or Audit
  • Approvals for honors courses, directed study courses, co-op classes, UDM study abroad, senior privilege and any other courses that require permission

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