Designing Sustainable Detroit Symposium 2010

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00:00:00 Welcome by UDM Interim President Michael Joseph, and introduction of Dave Bing
00:05:09 Remarks by Dave Bing, mayor of the City of Detroit
00:24:52 Remarks by Leo Hanifin, dean of the College of Engineering & Science, and introduction of Matt Cullen
00:27:51 Presentation by Matt Cullen, Board president of M1 Rail Project
00:46:42 Comments by Leo Hanifin, and introduction of David Tyler
00:49:39 Presentation by David Tyler, deputy director of Wayne County's Economic Development Growth Engine group
01:14:17 Introduction of Melissa Roy, by Leo Hanifin
01:16:02 Presentation by Melissa Roy, senior director of Transportation Policy and Government Relations, Detroit Regional Chamber
01:20:14 Comments by Leo Hanifin
01:31:41 Questions-and-answers with presenters
01:56:39 End

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