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Fr. Greg Boyle on his work with LA gang members

This UDMcast features Gregory Boyle, S.J., Founder and CEO, Homeboy Industries, recorded January 18, 2012. Running time is 1 hour 23 minutes 12 seconds. Select UDMcast format below.

Fr. Boyle

Gregory Boyle, S.J., founder and CEO of Homeboy Industries and an internationally recognized expert on gangs visited UDM to discuss his experiences helping Latino gang members in Los Angeles.

Twenty-five years ago, operating with the slogan of "Nothing stops a bullet like a job", Fr. Boyle founded Homeboy Industries, which today is a complex of businesses, including bakeries, catering services, silk screening, and tattoo removal, in which rival gang members work together and learn to treat each other with respect. He articulates a compassionate perspective and a profound spiritual vision as he tells stories, often with humor, about his years of working with young people in the gangs in Los Angeles.

For more information, see the UDM news release.

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