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FYE Convocation presentation excerpts

This UDMcast features Donald DiPaolo, Associate Professor of Education, recorded September 03, 2010. Running time is 22 minutes 37 seconds. Select UDMcast format below.

2010 First Year Experience Convocation

Donald DiPaolo with student volunteers

UDM's First Year Experience Convocation is a chance for new UDM students not only to be introduced to key UDM officials, but also to be inspired by a motivational presentation by Donald DiPaolo, UDM associate professor of Education.

DiPaolo's keynote talk is interactive: he brings students up to participate in symbolic activities using props like eggs, peacock feathers and a tug of war.  The intention is to awaken first-year students to the profound turning point in their lives that starting college represents, and to inspire them to do the work of transforming themselves into the people they want to be.

This audio presentation includes excerpts from DiPaolo's 2010 talk.

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