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Below are the UDMcasts recorded in 2009. To see UDMcasts listed by event or theme, see the Series & Subjects page.

1111-projectSALUTEProject SALUTE interview for Veterans Day 2009The University of Detroit Mercy UDMcastsudm, udmcast, web, podcasts, broadcasts, events, streaming, audio, videoA new radio interview between CBS Radio's Alisa Zee and Tammy M. Kudialis, UDM Law professor and director of Project SALUTE.Project SALUTE/www.udmercy.edu/udmcasts/by-date/2009/1111-projectSALUTE/www.udmercy.edu/udmcasts/images/udmcasts-photo.pngudmcasts-photo.pngUDMcasts: University of Detroit Mercy audio and video recordings/www.udmercy.edu/udmcasts/by-date/2009/images/projectSALUTE.jpgprojectSALUTE.jpgprojectSALUTE.jpgTammyKudialisUDM Law Professor and Director of Project SALUTE11-11-200914328894001456http://www.udmercy.edu/media_files/law/PrjSalute-CBS-Radio-20091108.mp3MP3 Audio

This radio interview between CBS Radio's Alisa Zee and Tammy M. Kudialis, UDM Law professor and director of Project SALUTE, was recorded for the show Sunday Edition in honor of Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2009.

Low-income veterans get help with their disability and pension claims at the UDM School of Law's Mobile Law Office, which travels the country.  For more information about this project, Project SALUTE, see the Project SALUTE web site

1004-convocationProf. DiPaolo welcomes freshman to UDM and the university experienceThe University of Detroit Mercy UDMcastsudm, udmcast, web, podcasts, broadcasts, events, streaming, audio, videoDonald DiPaolo, Ph.D., UDM Associate Professor of Education gives the keynote address at the Freshman Convocation, Sept. 4, 2009DiPaolo convocation 2009/www.udmercy.edu/udmcasts/by-date/2009/1004-convocation/www.udmercy.edu/udmcasts/images/udmcasts-photo.pngudmcasts-photo.pngUDMcasts: University of Detroit Mercy audio and video recordings/www.udmercy.edu/udmcasts/by-date/2009/images/convocation.gifconvocation.gifconvocation.gifDonaldDiPaoloAssociate Professor of Education, UDM09-04-20096272051302100http://www.udmercy.edu/podcasts/media/convocation.mp4Streaming MP4 video
Donald DiPaolo, Ph.D

Donald DiPaolo, Ph.D speaks at the 2009-2010 Freshman Convocation

This was the inaugural year of the First Year Convocation, which was held in Calihan Hall,  to welcome new students to the University Community. The event included a Welcome Address by President Gerard L. Stockhausen, S.J., Ph.D., a breif interfaith prayer service, and a keynote address by Donald DiPaolo, Ph.D., associate professor of Education. The program concluded with the freshman class reciting the Metriculation Oath, led by Vice President for Academic Affairs Pamela Zarkowski, J.D, M.P.H. Students and administrators then enjoyed an outdoor lunch. The event marked a positive start for students as they begin their first semester at the University.

0319-kennedyAutocam CEO John KennedyThe University of Detroit Mercy UDMcastsudm, udmcast, web, podcasts, broadcasts, events, streaming, audio, videoAutocam CEO John Kennedy gives Business Alumni Week keynote address, March 19, 2009.Kennedy keynote 2009/www.udmercy.edu/udmcasts/by-date/2009/0319-kennedy/www.udmercy.edu/udmcasts/images/udmcasts-photo.pngudmcasts-photo.pngUDMcasts: University of Detroit Mercy audio and video recordings/www.udmercy.edu/udmcasts/by-date/2009/images/kennedy.jpgkennedy.jpgkennedy.jpgJohnKennedyCEO, Autocam03-19-2009400000013000http://streaming.udmercy.edu/bus/john_kennedy.mp4Streaming MP4 video
Nancy and John Kennedy

Autocam CEO John Kennedy gives 2009 Business Alumni Week keynote address

During the 2009 College of Business Administration Alumni Week, many prominent UDM Business alumni visited classes and discussed their experiences in the business world with current UDM students.

This year's featured keynote speakers were John and Nancy Kennedy.  John Kennedy '79 is Chief Executive of Autocam Corporation, a worldwide manufacturer of precision machined components for the automotive and medical instruments industries.

Nancy Greening Kennedy '83 has held positions of leadership both at Arthur Andersen and Autocam. Under their leadership, Autocam has grown through strategic acquisitions, which include well-established companies in North America, Europe and South America. Both John and Nancy are University of Detroit graduates from the College of Business Administration.

This UDMcast features John Kennedy's talk at the Business Administration Alumni Week, March 19, 2009. 

index2009 UDMcastsudm, podcast, udmcast, detroit, project salute, convocation2009/www.udmercy.edu/udmcasts/by-date/2009/index1015-robertsIain Roberts Speaks on InnovationThe University of Detroit Mercy UDMcastsudm, udmcast, web, podcasts, broadcasts, events, streaming, audio, videoIain Roberts, associate partner of IDEO, gives keynote address at the Ford Innovation Symposium, October 15, 2009Roberts keynote 2009/www.udmercy.edu/udmcasts/by-date/2009/1015-roberts/www.udmercy.edu/udmcasts/images/udmcasts-photo.pngudmcasts-photo.pngUDMcasts: University of Detroit Mercy audio and video recordings/www.udmercy.edu/udmcasts/by-date/2009/images/roberts.jpgroberts.jpgroberts.jpgIainRobertsassociate partner, IDEO10-15-2009400005915http://www.udmercy.edu/media_files/eng-sci/20091015-ford-innov.htmlStreaming Quicktime video

Ford Innovation Symposium Features Iain Roberts

University of Detroit Mercy in conjunction with Ford Motor Company sponsored the 2009 Ford Innovation Symposium, Oct. 15, 2009 on the McNichols Campus.

This years’s symposium was entitled, “The Design of Experiences and the Use of Design Thinking as Tools to Develop and Deliver against Strategic Business Goals” The keynote speaker for the event was Iain Roberts, associate partner of IDEO, a design and innovation firm in the firm’s Chicago office.

Based in Palo Alto, California, IDEO helps design products, services, environments, and digital experiences for businesses. Additionally, the company has become increasingly involved in management consulting.

Roberts graduated with an MA in Industrial Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art and a bachelor's in Aeronautical Engineering from Southampton University. His duties include building client relationships across industries, which include telecommunications, consumer electronics, transportation and financial services. He also works with project teams on designs that are relevant to the consumer public.

Roberts' talk included the strategies he used to comply with specific business goals for projects with AT&T and the in-vehicle experience with Ford.


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