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John Kennedy, President & CEO Autocam, Alumni Week 2007

This UDMcast features John Kennedy, President & CEO, Autocam, recorded March 23, 2007. Running time is 57 minutes 28 seconds. Select UDMcast format below.

John Kennedy, President & CEO of Autocam, spoke at the University of Detroit Mercy Business Alumni Week 2007.  In this presentation, Kennedy engages the audience in an attempt to "bring a little of the real world into the classroom" by discussing with them the ethical responsibilities of corporations to employees and vice versa.

Kennedy earned Bachelor of Science degrees in Accounting from the University. As CFO of Autodie, John applied his strong business and entrepreneurial skills when the opportunity arose to purchase Autocam in 1988. Now a worldwide manufacturer of precision machined components for the automotive and medical instrument industries, Autocam has grown through a combination of long-term customer relationships, aggressive marketing and strategic acquisitions in North America, Europe and South America.

In addition to building a successful, international company and raising a family, John has been active in civic and community organizations. He is a past member of the Board of Trustees for University of Detroit Mercy and is also currently a member of the boards of 5/3rd Bank, Pyper Products, Sligh Furniture Company, Lacks Enterprises, Van Andel Institute, Cooper Standard Automotive and the Michigan Business Roundtable. In addition, he has been instrumental in several Grand Rapids community capital campaigns. He served on the State Transportation Commission from 1993-1999.

As a long-standing supportersersity since graduation, he joined the University's President's Cabinet. As a graduate of the business school, he generously supported the renovation of the Commerce & Finance Building. John's commitment to the University is part of a family legacy that includes three generations, totaling 11 Kennedy family members as University alumni. 

This UDMcast is part of the Business Alumni Week 2007 UDMcast series

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