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Andy Acho '63, '67, "Environmental Stewardship and Proactive Actions"

This UDMcast features Andy Acho '63, '67, Former Worldwide Director of Environmental Outreach and Strategy at Ford Motor Company, recorded March 28, 2007. Running time is 48 minutes 47 seconds. Select UDMcast format below.

Andy Acho, '63, '67, talks to UDM's Organizational Leadership class about doing the right thing for the environment and having it make sense for business during the 2007 University of Detroit Mercy Business Alumni Week.

The BUS 318 course is an examination of business-government relations, consumerism, environment, energy and resource policy, global corporations, governance of the firm, disclosure, corporate social reporting, and socio-political forecasting. Included is an examination of ethics and personal values and their impact on professional decisions.

Andrew G. Acho is a nationally recognized expert on practical environmental initiatives that help make the world a better place and save money. Since retiring in 2006, Acho has become a valuable resource for other organizations interested in protecting the environment and improving performance.

In his role as Worldwide Director of Environmental Outreach and Strategy for Ford Motor Company, a job Bill Ford created for him, Acho championed the development and implementation of more aggressive proactive environmental stewardship actions that not only protected the environment but also saved the company millions of dollars annually.

This UDMcast is part of the Business Alumni Week 2007 UDMcast series

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