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Larry Keeley on innovation for Detroit and the auto industry

This UDMcast features Larry Keeley, Co-founder & President, Doblin, Inc., recorded September 28, 2006. Running time is 1 hour 21 seconds. Select UDMcast format below.

Larry Keeley, co-founder and president of Doblin Inc.

Larry Keeley, co-founder and president of Doblin Inc., gives the Ford Innovation Symposium presentation, "How Detroit and the Auto Industry Can Innovate Themselves to Prosperous Futures," as part of University of Detroit Mercy's 2006 Founders Week, Sept. 28 at UDM.

Keeley is an innovation strategist whose goals include identifying the root causes of innovation failure and injecting better methods.  Keeley has worked with a wide variety of pioneering enterprises since 1979, among them Aetna, Apple, Citigroup, ExxonMobil, Hallmark, McDonald's, Motorola, Pfizer, Steelcase, Texas Instruments, and Zurich Financial Services.

Keeley's presentation is preceded by an introduction Derrick M. Kuzak, group vice president for Product Development, The Americas, Ford Motor Company.

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