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To be notified when new UDMcasts are published, subscribe to the RSS feed using your web browser or an RSS reader.  (The "feed" is simply a list of available UDMcasts.)  Just going to the feed's web address is usually all you have to do.  The UDMcast RSS feed is published at:



Podcast reader software is not just like any RSS reader (which you may have built in your web browser), although they are similar.  But to download and save podcasts, use a program like those suggested below.  (You can use any podcast reader program you like, as long as it supports the detection of an "enclosure" within the special RSS podcast feed.)

Subscribe to the UDMcast newsfeed using the URL http://www.udmercy.edu/podcasts/udmpodcasts.rss

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UDM lecture series and Ask the Professor are located under the Talk Radio catagory.


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Windows XP, 2000 and 98

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