Spring 2007
The Current

Alumni participants:

Andy Acho '63, '67 Retired, Ford Motor Company (hear Acho's talk)

Anthony Belli '06 E. G. Nicks

Joseph Berkowski '93 Argent International

Harry Cendrowski '77 Cendrowski Corporate Advisors

Maureen Clinesmith '94 DaimlerChrysler

Richard Damman '68,'94 Consultant

John Deters '63 Metro Detroit Signs Inc. (hear Deters' talk)

Lindita Dedaj '05 Shore Mortgage

David Fitch '79, '83 Citizens Bank

J. Timothy Gargaro '76 Consultant

Kenneth Gonzalez '02,'06 Eagle Ottawa

David Grubb '92 Plante & Moran

Kelly Hayes '81 Siegel, Greenfield, Hayes & Gross PLC

Kathrine Horan '99 DTE Energy

Jeffrey Karafa '92 Community Bank of Dearborn

John Kennedy '79 Autocam Corporation (hear Kennedy's talk)

Pius Oleh '96 Ford Motor Company

Kenneth Poirier '79 State of Michigan

Matt Schaber '89 Matthew W. Schaber, CPA

David Schembri '75 Smart US (hear Schembri's talk)

Brent Shammami '04 Ford Motor Company

Emil Simon '85 The Rollick Beverage Company; Wellington Gallery

Brad Simmons '79, '84 Ford Motor Company

Teresa Soave '96, '98 DaimlerChrysler

Edward Sprock '75, '78 DaimlerChrysler

Mark Stasa '80 Kerr, Russell and Weber

Brian Thelen '80, '83, '88 Department of Defense

Marvin Washington '92 DaimlerChrysler

William P. Young '90, '04 Absopure

Following the College of Business Administration's  2007 Alumni Week, March 19-23, participants reflected on what makes the event such a success year after year.

Payne, Gonzalez and Dunlop in C&F hallway
Business students Chris Payne (left) and Catherine Dunlop (right) chat with Kenneth Gonzalez '02, '06 during the CBA Alumni Week luncheon.

Accounting junior Cassie Moran, who is president of the CBA Student Advisory Board, says, "There were almost 40 speakers who participated in Alumni Week this year, so students have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of industry perspectives. This allows us to identify areas we may want to learn more about before graduation. The Student Advisory Board also organized a networking event, where students can talk to alumni on an informal basis and get their take on different ideas."

In short, Moran says, "Alumni Week offers students unique opportunities that we might not have otherwise."

CBA Alumni believe the same is true for them. Dave Fitch '79, '83, a member of the CBA Alumni Board who acted as co-chair of the Alumni Week committee, says, "I feel that it's only fair to give back to the University, and it feels great. It also makes your degree more valuable because you're helping the students that are in the program now."

Another Alumni Board member, Dave Grubb '92, notes that Alumni Week is all about developing relationships with future professionals. "The week is one of the best opportunities we have all year to give back and get connected with the college, with the faculty here, and with old friends. But it's really an opportunity to interact one-on-one with the students, who are the up-and-coming people in the field. I've found that these students are the best and brightest, and if we don't get our hands on them a year or two before they graduate, they will not be available to us."  

Kevin Pavlov '87, concurs, saying, "Alumni Week is almost like a recruiting session. It is attended by a phenomenally broad spectrum of engaged students. When you speak in one of the classes, you generate a lot of interest and prospects for you or the company you represent, and even if that interest is not in your particular area, the turnout is such that other areas of the company can benefit, from HR to finance to product development."

For Alumni Board member Bernard Puroll '05, energy and enthusiasm are the key benefits of Alumni Week participation. Says Puroll, "There's an energy exchange going on. You as a speaker are picking up a lot of energy from the students, and the students are getting an infusion of your enthusiasm about your field."

Barbara Shipp-Clark '94, Alumni Board member and Alumni Week Committee co-chair, says that the energy and camaraderie of Alumni Week makes her wish she was a student again. She adds, "Seeing successful alumni returning to the University helps to motivate the students to continue their hard work. We are showing them how their hard work can pay off. If your starting point was here at the University, your education gave you the roots to achieve your success, and to share some of your knowledge is gratifying to you and beneficial to the students."

These alumni know that participating in CBA Alumni Week is a great way to network, get an energy boost, recruit the best and brightest, and give back to the UDM community. Won't you join them? If you are interested in participating in next year's Alumni Week, please contact Linda Small at 313-993-1540 or udmgrad@udmercy.edu.

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