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Making Decisions for a Better Life by John Staudenmaier, S.J.

March 31, 2006

As part of UDM's commemoration of this Jubilee Year, the University hosted a special Lenten series reflecting on the Jesuit Spiritual Exercises. John Staudenmaier, S.J., from UDM's Office of Mission and Identity, presented a selection of the Lenten Spiritual Exercises in five talks open to all interested.

Fr. John Staudenmaier Making Decisions for a Better Life

How, through my adult life, do I decide when to stick with the commitments I already have and when to change some of those commitments?

Adults make such changes all the time: taking a new job, leaving our home and buying another, getting married, choosing a new career, driving up north for the weekend instead of staying home, pausing in the mid-morning's work to get a cup of coffee . . . large and small changes of one's present set of commitments; humans do this a lot.

But adults also stick with commitments a lot: we will stay in our home at this address; we will stay married even though it is hard; I will stick with my career; I will keep working on this task (and not go out for a cup of coffee now). The Spiritual Exercise teaches a method for discerning when to stick and when to change, about small and large matters.

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