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UDM College of Engineering & Science receives $50,000 grant from Ford Motor Company Fund

The College of Engineering & Science has been awarded a $50,000 grant from Ford Motor Company Fund for the modernization of UDM's Engineering Automotive Laboratory. The grant will fund the first phase of a project to create a first-class laboratory space for training Engineering students on the latest automotive systems and controls.

“This laboratory will be a important resource for all of our engineering degree programs and also serve to better prepare our students for our mandatory co-op program, as well as serving our outreach activities,” said Gary Kuleck, Dean of the College of Engineering & Science. “The College is grateful to the Ford Fund Capital Program for this grant and to the Ford Motor Company who has been our loyal partner for many decades in improving the education of our engineering students.”  

The Automotive Lab, with all the necessary components for a hybrid drive will be a room for teaching key concepts of hybrid electric powertrains and their controls. The enhanced lab will serve courses across the degree program as well as the seven courses comprising the electrical vehicle program.

The room and equipment will strengthen graduate level research in automotive applications. Appropriate activities also can be designed with some of the equipment for the many pre-college programs that the college conducts. Students engaged in the mandatory co-op program will thus be better prepared to join the automotive workforce.

Later phases of development will include facilities for improved faculty-mentored student research and for larger undertakings such as a Formula SAE student vehicle project.  It is anticipated that this funding will serve as the basis for further fund-raising efforts from our alumni and corporate and industrial partners.

Release date: September 04, 2013

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