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Obama Administration Members Meet with Local Religious Leaders at UDM

Today, the White House announced the awarding of nearly $300 million to the City of Detroit from government, philanthropic and private sources. The University hosted a private discussion among a small interfaith, interdenominational group of local religious leaders and members of the Obama Administration.

Antoine M. Garibaldi, Ph.D.

Among the guests were Secretary Shaun Donovan, Housing and Urban Development; Gene Sperling, Assistant to the President and Director of the National Economic Council; and Don Graves, a deputy assistant secretary at the US Department of Treasury and executive director of President Barack Obama'a Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

Graves will be the administration's point person on the federal response to the financial crisis in Detroit. The meeting was an excellent exchange of ideas and recommendations among some of Detroit’s major religious leaders, including Archbishop Allen Vigneron and Bishop Don Hanchon. View the Sept. 27, 2013 press release from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Antoine M. Garibaldi, Ph.D. Antoine M. Garibaldi, Ph.D. Antoine M. Garibaldi, Ph.D.
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Release date: September 27, 2013

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