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UDM Offers Michigan’s First Joint Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering Degree

Do you want to create
…. a car that cannot get into an accident with another car?
… the next generation of unmanned aircrafts?
… a smart prosthetic for the disabled that can be controlled by the human brain?
… a robot that does a complicated surgery at a remote location?

Beginning this fall, University of Detroit Mercy will offer Michigan’s first joint bachelor's degree in Robotics and Mechatronic Systems Engineering. The program will focus on the knowledge and skills necessary to design new and “intelligent” systems/products that should make our lives a little bit easier.

The Robotics and Mechatronic Systems Engineering program will teach students how to integrate mechanization and control with sensing, actuation, and computation to best achieve improved product quality and performance. Such intelligent systems include not only robots, but also modern intelligent automobiles, airplanes, defense systems, assisting devices, and a wide variety of other systems such as appliances, games and entertainment systems.

“We are very excited to offer this new program that is directly in synch with the future of engineered products,” said UDM Dean of the College of Engineering & Science Leo E. Hanifin. “Tremendous growth is projected for service, defense and manufacturing jobs in the robotics field.  When you consider the broader area of mechatronic systems, our graduates will have the choice of developing nearly all types of products, from smart cars to game systems.”

Through this degree program, students will develop a strong understanding of the principles of engineering and control systems in a synergistic framework. In addition, they will build strong teamwork and communication skills to solve complex problems across disciplinary boundaries. In establishing innovative approaches and an entrepreneurial mindset, students will also design, develop and implement intelligent-engineered products and processes to solve challenging technological problems or meet specific human needs effectively using a variety of innovation methods.

Dean Johnson, president, Global Integrated Resources Corporation, a Detroit-based strategic planning business, explained, "The demand for mechatronics talent in our region has already exceeded the current supply of skilled engineers. This demand will continue to grow, leading to a need to expand our region's associated talent development capacity.”

In addition to being a program with a growing job market, the UDM program has received the support of the National Science Foundation in all critical elements of this curriculum. The program also offers a full-year of paid industrial experience that is integrated within the 4-year program, along with automatic consideration given for 4-year full or partial tuition scholarships. Master’s degree option is available with only one additional year.

To learn about UDM’s undergraduate degree in Robotics and Mechatronics Systems Engineering, please call UDM’s Admissions Office at 313-993-1245 or 800-635-5020 or visit the program’s website at To apply online, visit For more information on the FIRST scholarship, visit

Release date: February 29,2012

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