Athletics Experts

Below is a list of UDM experts in the area of Athletics. Feel free to contact our faculty directly. For assistance contacting faculty or arranging interviews, please call UDM's Media Relations office at 313-993-1254. Please note that the views of these experts are their own and may not reflect the views of their colleagues or the University of Detroit Mercy.

Phone area code is 313 except where noted. If you are conducting an in-person interview in the expert's office, be sure to ask faculty members on which campus they are located.

General experts

Athletic Conditioning and Fitness

Sean Williamson (ATH)

Phone: 993-1719

Collegiate Athletics

Robert C. Vowels, Jr. (ATH)

Phone: 993-1700

Collegiate Basketball-Men’s

Ray McCallum (ATH)

Phone: 993-1700

Collegiate Basketball-Women’s

Bernard Scott

Phone: 993-1700

Collegiate Cheerleading

Lauren Paton (ATH)

Phone: 993-1700

Collegiate Cross-Country

Guy Murray (ATH)

Phone: 993-1724

Collegiate Fencing

Todd Dressell (ATH)

Phone: 993-1727

Collegiate Golf - Men's

Luke LaFave (ATH)

Phone: 993-1700

Collegiate Golf - Women's

Terri Anthony-Ryan (ATH)


Collegiate Lacrosse - Men's

Chris Kolon (ATH)


Collegiate Lacrosse - Women's

Laura Maness (ATH)

Phone: 993-1700

Collegiate Soccer-Men’s

Nicholas Deren (ATH)

Phone: 993-1700

Collegiate Soccer-Women’s

Mike Lupenec (ATH)

Phone: 993-1700

Collegiate Softball

John Conway (ATH)

Phone: 993-1700

Collegiate Tennis - Men's

Grant Asher (ATH)

Phone: 595-0181

Collegiate Tennis - Women's

Pjotrs Necajevs (ATH)

Phone: 277-2149

Collegiate Track and Field

Guy Murray (ATH)

Phone: 993-1724

Detroit Tigers History

Tom Stanton (LA&E)

Phone: 586-725-0726

NCAA Legislation

Steve Corder (ATH)

Phone: 993-1751

Sports Information

Jeremiah Hergott (ATH)

Phone: 993-1745

P.J. Gradowski (ATH)

Phone: 993-1700

Sports Marketing

Michael Bernacchi (BA)

Phone: 993-1116

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Sports Law experts

Sports Law

Lee Goldman (LAW)

Phone: 596-0203

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