Architecture / Digital Media Studies Experts

Below is a list of UDM experts in the area of Architecture / Digital Media Studies. Feel free to contact our faculty directly. For assistance contacting faculty or arranging interviews, please call UDM's Media Relations office at 313-993-1254. Please note that the views of these experts are their own and may not reflect the views of their colleagues or the University of Detroit Mercy.

Phone area code is 313 except where noted. If you are conducting an in-person interview in the expert's office, be sure to ask faculty members on which campus they are located.

Architecture / Digital Media Studies experts


Joseph Odoerfer (ARCH)

Phone: 993-1532

Architectural Education

Will Wittig (ARCH)

Phone: 993-1532

Community Development

Virginia Stanard (ARCH)

Phone: 578-0555


Wladyslaw Fuchs (ARCH)

Phone: 993-1495


Noah Resnick(ARCH)

Phone: 578-0556

Detroit Collaborative Design Center

Dan Pitera (ARCH)

Phone: 993-1037

Digital Media Studies

Allegra Pitera (ARCH)

Phone: 578-0381


Will Wittig (ARCH)

Phone: 993-1532

Environmental Technology

Joseph Odoerfer (ARCH)

Phone: 993-1532

Historical Preservation

Stephen Vogel (ARCH)

Phone: 578-0307

History and Theory

Anthony Martinico (ARCH)

Phone: 993-1513

Italian Renaissance

Sarah Stever (LA&E)

Phone: 993-1099

Profession of Architecture

Stephen LaGrassa (ARCH)

Phone: 993-1149

Dorian Moore (ARCH)

Phone: 993-1532

Sacred Spaces/ Churches

Gilbert Sunghera(ARCH)

Phone: 578-0382

Structure and Building Technology

Joseph Odoerfer(ARCH)

Phone: 993-1532

Urban Planning

Noah Resnick(ARCH)

Phone: 578-0556

Visual Communication

Wladyslaw Fuchs (ARCH)

Phone: 993-2495

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