Kolya Abramsky: Social Struggles in the Transition to a Postpetrol World

Monday, November 22, 2010

Briggs Building, Room 350, 9:00am EST

Kolya Abramsky will talk about social movements challenging current resource distribution and depletion, and searches for alternatives to the current energy crisis.

As the world's energy system enters a period of profound change, a global struggle over who controls the sector, and for what purposes, is intensifying. . . From all sides we hear that it's time to save the planet in order to save the economy, but in reality what lies before us is the next round of global class struggle with energy at the center, as the key means of production and subsistence. It is important to situate the current energy crisis, peak oil, and the transition to a post-petrol future within a historical understanding of the global, social, economic, political, financial, military, and ecological relations of which energy and technology are parts. The talk will be loosely based on Kolya Abramsky's edited book Sparking a Worldwide Energy Revolution- Social Struggles in the Transition to a Postpetrol World, published in July 2010 by AK Press. His book has been described as "The Encyclopedia of the Energy Transition from an anti-capitalist perspective".

About the speaker: Kolya Abramsky is a former visiting fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Science, Technology and Society, in Graz, Austria, where he received the Manfred-Heindler Award for Energy and Climate Change Research. In 2008, he received a Masters degree in sociology from the State University of New York, Binghamton. In 2006 he was coordinator of the Danish-based World Wind Energy Institute, an international effort in non-commercial renewable energy education, involving different renewable energy centers from around the world. Read more about Kolya Abramsky at: http://www.ifz.tugraz.at/index_en.php/article/articleview/1609/1/69

This event is free and open to the public. For more information please contact Dr. Gail Presbey, at 313-993-1124 or presbegm@udmercy.edu.

This event is sponsored by Carney Latin American Solidarity Archive.

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