2010 Designing Sustainable Detroit Symposium

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Student Center, 6:00pm-8:00pm EDT

College of Engineering and Science & School of Architecture present the 2010 Designing Sustainable Detroit Symposium, "Riding Trucks, Trains, Boats and Planes to Urban Vitality". Detroit Mayor David Bing will provide introductory remarks followed by a panel discussion.

The panel discussion includes Matthew Cullen, president of the Board of the M1 Rail Project on Detroit's light rail initiative; Robert Ficano, Wayne County executive on the Detroit Aerotropolis strategy, Melissa Roy, senior director, Government Relations, Detroit Regional Chamber on Detroit's Translinked strategy and Leo Hanifin, E&S dean and director, Michigan Ohio University Transportation Center.

  • Detroit's Light Rail Initiative as a Driver for Transit Oriented Development Matthew Cullen, President of the Board of the M1 Rail Project
  • The Detroit Aerotropolis: A strategy to provide economic benefits to the communities immediately surrounding the airport and the greater Metro Detroit region Robert Ficano, Wayne County Executive
  • Detroit's Translinked Strategy: linking to the global market through an inland port Melissa Roy, Senior Director, Government Relations, Detroit Regional Chamber
  • Questions and Discussion
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