Why Choose UDM's MCD Program?

The Masterof Community Development program is the only program to offer these distinctive features:

  • The MCD program is a unique program, in addressing community development issues. Other degree programs concentrate on just one aspect or characteristic of community development, while UDM's integrated program emphasizes a comprehensive approach.
  • The MCD program is an innovative educational model designed to support the career needs of a broad range of individuals working in the community development field.
  • The MCD program integrates the human, economic, physical and organizational aspects of community development for a holistic approach in developing viable communities.
  • The MCD program incorporates input from professionals in community development resulting in a program that combines theory with practical application.
  • The MCD program utilizes faculty expertise from across academic units to provide a broad, interdisciplinary foundation for creating livable communities.
  • The MCD program, located in the center of Detroit, focuses on the development of marginalized communities within an urban context. It provides local activists an easily accessible program to address Detroit's social and physical condition.
  • The MCD program is designed for part-time students who work full time. However, the course curriculum also allows students to attend full time to complete the program quicker.
  • The MCD program prepares graduates for a variety of leadership roles in community development, including municipal government, non-profit organizations, social services agencies, and real estate development.

If you have a question or want more information about the program, please forward your request to us through our online Inquiry Form for a timely response.