Friday, April 13, 2012

The Significance of a Presidential Inauguration

A Presidential Inauguration provides the opportunity for the University to celebrate its heritage and reaffirm its mission to its many constituents: students, parents, alumni, faculty and staff as well as community, civic, business, religious, educational and political leaders. According to “A Guide to Academic Protocol“ by Mary Kemper, a Presidential Inauguration reflects the “university’s standing in the world of education and its significance as a force in the progress of the nation…”

As part of the Inauguration events, the Installation Ceremony introduces the new president and provides a platform for the president to publicly express his vision.  It is an opportunity for the entire academic community and its constituents to welcome a new leader and joyfully anticipate the future.

The Presidential Installation Ceremony at UDM includes Greetings from government officials, members of the University community and the general community. Gifts are presented to the president on behalf of University constituents. The ceremony also includes the blessing of the Medallion, which is the University’s official symbol of presidential leadership.

The Missioning of the president then occurs. This act officially entrusts the religious apostolic mission of the two sponsoring communities, the Society of Jesus and the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, to the president. The missioning by the provincial of the Jesuit Chicago-Detroit Province and the president of the West Midwest Community of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas functions as a confirmation and blessing of the decision by the Board of Trustees. The chair of the Board of Trustees then officially invests the president with the symbols of his office. The president then presents an inaugural address, which highlights specific themes or direction for the University.

The inauguration of a president also allows the university to highlight defining characteristics of the University and its accomplishments. During Inauguration Week, April 9-15, the University of Detroit Mercy community participated in a variety of community engagement activities that reflect and illustrate the numerous ways UDM faculty, staff, students and alumni support their community.

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