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Inauguration Delegates

"The Mantle"

 by Albert Michael Ward
University of Detroit Mercy ‘73
Broadside Press

Read April 13, 2012 - UDM Installation Ceremony

 This day…
We gather beneath the gaze
Of a titan tower,
The mission, ages old,
Humble in its meter,
Yet grand in meaning:
To teach and to serve.

We have endured
As our canopy of trees
Shade the green embroidered
Lawns and moss,
The spaces and brick homes
Of neighbors nearby,
The streets and pathways leading
To this elegant campus,
Flowering, in diversity;

We are engaged
With our neighbors
In building community,

Trust and sanctuary
In the gearing and heart beats
Of a motor driven city,
Inhaling in its air and music,
Sharing our strengths
And our common passions

We hone our skills and master
The disciplines of sustaining
Culture and human aspirations
On these grounds,
Through our halls and doorways
Of discourse and discovery,
We flourish forward with purpose and faith.

Through Grace and Mercy,
we tender to those voices in need,
For whom time has been bruising,
and circumstance withering.
Each day, the next
And following,
We serve to stem the tide,
Give aid, comfort,
Value and worth,
Our Charge is given:
To prepare visionaries and gardeners,
And sow these seeds into a ground of knowledge,
A field of compassion, service and leadership.

…This Day
Time passes to a new era,
The mantle to a new leader,
Hands steady, gait strong,
Scholarship sculpted, aware.

We with Appreciation,
Vest our trust to his hands
And with our truth and well-being,
Offer a loving welcome, a welcoming embrace,
Beneath the gaze of Titans
And a tower of time.


To contact UDM regarding the inauguration, please email us at presinaug@udmercy.edu.