Gardella Honors House

The Gardella Chapel was dedicated in the summer of 1963. This thirty-six by fifteen foot structure is located in the northwest quadrant of campus between Briggs and the School of Architecture. The chapel was the gift of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Gardella, and dedicated to Our Blessed Mother. In recent years the use of the structure as a worship space had significantly decreased. Given this state of affairs, it was thought that the University might be able to make a better use of this space. After meetings with various stakeholders and a representative of the Gardella family in the spring of 2006, permission was granted to move ahead with plans to convert the space to an Honors House.


Funds were raised from private donors to renovate and furnish the space for this purpose. The roof was newly re-surfaced, the heating system and electric capacity upgraded, the limestone walls cleaned and the ceiling freshly painted. Wi-Fi internet access was extended to the structure, and air conditioning installed. Furnishings include study tables, a couch, comfortable reading chairs, and floor lamps.  The space is used primarily as a  24/7 quiet study place for Honors students, but has also been used for informal Program gatherings.

The first official Honors event in the Gardella House was a screening of Little Miss Sunshine, which took place after the structure's official dedication on Wednesday, September 19, 2007, as part of the Founders Celebrations.

To request a key to the Gardella House, click here.