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Compassionate Service

The Honors Program at UDM holds that scholarly excellence and exploration must be complimented by a practical connection to the world at large through voluntary acts of compassionate service to society at large and individuals in need.

The Institute for Leadership & Service

The Program requires one hundred (100) hours of documented non-paid volunteer service as a condition of graduating with Honors.  The Institute for Leadership and Service (ILS) has programs that can provide many opportunities to become involved in such work. The Institute acts as an agent between community needs and student service to help you get connected, and will document and track your service hours on behalf of the Honors Program.

You need to do two things in order for ILS to track your completion of the Honors Program service requirement.  First you must drop this registration form off at Briggs 232.  Then, when you go to perform service, bring this service verification form, have it signed by the coordinator where you volunteer, and then drop it off at ILS for data entry. The Program requests reports on service completed as you approach graduation, but you may also request such a report by e-mailing TheInstitute@udmercy.edu or calling them at 313-993-2003.

ILS will track all of your service hours--whether your hours were originally generated through ILS or from sources external to ILS (volunteer work through your place of worship, your Greek organization, etc.).

University Ministry

University Ministry assists the academic community in embodying the Mercy and Jesuit charisms upon which the University is founded. The University Ministry team provides a Catholic expression of the University's mission through compassionate service to persons in need, service of faith and promotion of justice. University Ministry encourages members of the University community to participate in activities that foster human justice through service of the real needs of each other, and recognizing the dignity of every human being.