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Honors Program: Sample Courses

A Small Sampling of Honors Courses

HON 100: Introduction to Philosophy
HON 103: Introduction to Political Science
HON 108: The Science of Life
HON 131: Academic Writing
HON 141: Analytic Geometry/Calculus I
HON 205: Political Fiction
HON 236: Religion and Film
HON 248: The Holocaust
HON 250: Developmental Psychology
HON 256: God and Human
HON 301: Biology and Behavior
HON 302: Drama: Power/Gender
HON 308: American Music
HON 319: Money and Capital
HON 339: Ecology and Justice
HON 360: Postwar Detroit
HON 400: Introduction to Graduate Studies
HON 401: Great Mistakes
HON 450: Reform and Utopias
HON 460: Free Trade and Ethics
HON 489: Directed Studies
HON 492: Honors Thesis
HON 499: Honors Seminar