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About University Honors

Scholars for Justice in the Heart of Detroit

The University Honors Program draws on UDM's Jesuit and Mercy identity through a curriculum that encourages both critical thinking about the great questions of the past and engagement with the essential challenges of the present and future.

As a community, we seek to pursue truth, wisdom and virtue, preparing students — whatever their career paths — to lead meaningful lives with and for others, and to work for a more just world.

Here are just a few of the opportunities you can take advantage of as a student in University Honors at UDM:

A Community of Scholarly Excellence

The Honors Program at UDM holds that scholarly excellence can only be promoted through a dedicated and stimulating faculty, academic rigor, and a community grounded in excellence and collegiality.

Exploration Beyond the Classroom

The Honors Program at UDM holds that it is vitally important that the spirit of self-discovery and self-realization is not bounded by the classroom, which is only one dimension of a rich educational experience.

Service in the Pursuit of Justice

The Honors Program at UDM holds that scholarly excellence and exploration must be complimented by a practical connection to the world at large through service to society and individuals in need that promotes justice.

Membership Requirements

Students may only enter The Honors Program at UDM as freshmen.