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University Honors students work closely with outstanding faculty members who are committed to their academic, personal and professional success. Over their first three years students take a one-credit First-Year Honors Seminar and six Honors courses drawn from the university’s Core Curriculum. This structure allows Honors students to take required classes together, learning and bonding through classroom discussion and projects. Current Honors courses include Academic Writing, Introduction to Philosophy, Elements of Political Thought, Ethics, and Diverse Voices in Literature. In their junior and senior year, UHP students write an Honors Thesis in the discipline of their choice under the guidance and mentorship of a faculty thesis advisor. Writing an Honors thesis is excellent preparation for graduate and professional school and all career paths and is rated as a High Impact Practice by the National Survey of Student Engagement.


The scholarly excellence of the University Honors Program is complemented by a vibrant Honors community. From Movie & Pizza Nights in the Gardella Honors House to off-campus group service projects to the plentiful cultural offerings of the Detroit metro area (film, theater, dinners, the opera, the symphony, the DIA, Tigers games, even curling), you will immerse yourself in this intimate community and make friends for life. All members of the University Honors Program have the privilege of using the Gardella Honors House for studying and socializing.


Students in the University Honors Program perform 125 hours or more of community-engaged service over their four years in the program. Engaging in service allows students to positively contribute to our city, region, and world; to grow as citizens and neighbors; and to their clarify their own sense of purpose and vocation. Students may fulfill the service requirement in several ways: through service-learning courses within the university, service undertaken by UHP as a group, and service performed individually or in small groups on or off-campus.


All UHP students are members of the Honors Leadership Council, which plays an active role in planning the program. The Council meets regularly throughout the academic year to help plan social events, lectures, forums and film nights. Honors students are also members of the Emerging Leaders Program at Detroit Mercy. This co-curricular program offers students the opportunity to explore their leadership potential and abilities through involvement in programs, events, and activities that include learning, leadership, spirituality, and service, on and off campus. As part of their involvement in ELP, Honors students will have the opportunity to achieve either the leadership pin or medallion during the Detroit Mercy academic career. One of the requirements for the leadership pin is 125 hours of service, which students will fulfill as part of their participation in the University Honors Program. The leadership medallion requires an additional 125 hours of service, in addition to the other requirements listed on the ELP checklist.

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