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Exploration Beyond the Classroom

The Honors Program at UDM holds that it is vitally important that the spirit of self-discovery and self-realization is not bounded by the classroom, which is only one dimension of a rich educational experience.

Off-Campus Activities

Faculty who teach Honors classes are encouraged to supplement classroom studies with real-world expereince, and the Student Deans regularly organize off-campus trips to the theater, concerts, museums, and other Detroit cultural attractions.

Student Governance

The Honors Program at UDM encourages individual initiative and the development of teamwork and leadership skills. The non-curricular aspects of The Program are largely run by Student Deans with the advice and consent of the membership, which meets once a month during each semester to discuss Program business. Honors students are expected to play an important role in the organizing of other Program events, such as Earth Day, Trivial Pursuit Night, the UDM Ethics Bowl, Diversity Night, and various public lectures and forums.

Co-op Opportunities

For those Honor students interested in a co-op program, UDM offers one of the best. Since 1911, the University has administered a nationally renowned cooperative education program involving students and more than 200 major corporate employers. This very successful program allows students to work full or part-time during their sophomore, junior, and senior years.

Co-op students gain valuable on-the-job experience-along with a paycheck and college credit-while our participating employers get well-educated, highly-motivated student employees, 78% of whom are hired as permanent employees after they graduate. UDM's Co-op program is a great way for Honors students in nearly all majors to get a head start on their future careers. Because of the experience gained through UDM's Co-op program, our members can enter the job market with a full year or more of professional experience by the time they complete their degrees. Such practical experience, coupled with a broad liberal arts education and the recognition which comes with graduating Honors, gives our members a real edge in becoming leaders in any professional or academic field.